Racquetball and sock fights.

 I just had one of the most enjoyable evenings tonight… Lindy’s 9 year old sister was visiting her this weekend, and I spent most of the evening playing games, racing down the hallway, and, of course, a sock fight. The sock fight was great, even though I was out numbered… it was me against Maggie (Lindy’s sister) and Anna. Brings back memories of how much I did non-stop playing when I was that age, I’m surprised any fit adult could keep up with me, I’m tired just after a couple of hours of play. This just reaffirms my belief that if adults acted more like kids, we’d have a lot less problems in the world.
Speaking of problems in the world, classes are all right, nothing to exciting right now, although I do have some interesting professors… I’m hoping the material picks up the same luster that the professors have. The RA job is a lot less hectic, I’m assuming mostly because I have Thursday nights instead of the troublesome Wednesdays. I actually have a staff retreat in 8 hours, we’re going paintballing and then some ‘mysterious’ activities to be divulged at a later point in time.
Hopefully within the next couple weeks my summer will be molded into place, I am applying for the CA (conference assistant) and the summer RA position… The conference assistant basically helps with conferences that come to the University of Oregon during the summer, it pays $200 a week + room/board, so a good deal all around, and the bonus is that a lot of my friends will be around Eugene this summer too. The summer RA job is just like my job now, but you get $85 + room/board per week, and you can take classes… so either would be great, but I am hoping for the first. Well, 7 hours and 53 minutes until I need to be awake for the retreat… more new to follow…

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