Too much of life, can be a bad thing…

Dateline, February 15th, 2001… Three midterms are finished… Final grade on 1 out of the 3: B. Status of Chris, ecstatic. Life seemed to slam me from every which direction at the same time, mass amounts of everything was too much; midterms, the job, the kids, the wife, classes, and general ick that life can be at one point or another; but it has turned for a better, like I promised. Like I said, I received a ‘B’ on my Enviromental Philosophy midterms, for a 300 level class I’m happy, right now my Philosophy Dept. GPA sits right at 3.5, which means a Philosophy degree with Honors… whoo hoo. The other midterms, well, we will see how they come out, but I am not fretting over them. I am still amazed about my Environment Philosophy course, not the midterm, but the actual course… I am never bored in this class, and I swear, I have to have a dictionary to attend this class, Professor Lysker uses words I have never heard uttered by another human being (I think he makes them up, I mean come on: nexus… is that really a word? Nexus Nex”us, n. [L.] Connection; tie. Man is doubtless one by some subtle nexus . . . extending from the new-born infant to the superannuated dotard. –De Quincey.) Another thing that has me astounded is that amount of notes I take in that class, usually 10 – 12 full pages every day I have that class… totally unlike me.
Another stress factor that is now over is my applying for a summer job, I went through, did all the essays and today I went and had my interviews, which I think (or at least hope) went well. Hopefully by the end of next week I will be a summer RA, or a Conference Assistant. Well, more updates to come…

About Wellsy

Chris is a twenty-something Special Education teacher and Football coach in a little town south of Eugene, Oregon. Chris happily lives with his beautiful wife and his terribly uncoordinated Grate Dane named Moose. Chris has been known to travel, like reading, wanting more time to writing, be in the outdoors more, and generally not befoul the world.

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