Time to pick a name…

In my vain attempt to do different things within my classroom, I’ve decided that I will be maing a website where students will be posting some of their work.  From there, it can be commented on, reviewed, and so on… that way it doesn’t neccesarily have to be the usually turn in and hand back format.  With the website, it would be WordPress based, such as Box of Whine, but with the school site I would remain the administrator of the sight while all of the students would have a contributor’s log on…meaning I would review everything before it was posted. Overall, it’s bringing in technology and blogging into the classroom to make it a different experience.

So here’s what I need help with from you, loyal readers.  I have one idea for the name, but Jess has informed me that it’s pretty lame (wellsdotcom.com)–since my ideas are supposedly flat and lifeless, do y’all have some suggestions?  Parameters: It’s school appropriate, no allusions, hints, winks, nods, or gestures to sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, tardiness or cheating.  It has to have some realtion to my name, the high school (Cottage Grove), Language Arts, or my room number (108)… or some combination of those.

Let me know you’ve got… thanks.

About Wellsy

Chris is a twenty-something Special Education teacher and Football coach in a little town south of Eugene, Oregon. Chris happily lives with his beautiful wife and his terribly uncoordinated Grate Dane named Moose. Chris has been known to travel, like reading, wanting more time to writing, be in the outdoors more, and generally not befoul the world.

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  1. I agree with Jess, pretty lame. But I don’t have anything better, too early, not enough sleep.

  2. Ironically, it’s available.

  3. I like your idea of MeLearnWells.

    Other ideas:
    MrWellsAftertheBells. (My favorite)

    What about adapting a famous school movie?
    MrWellsHollandOpus. GoodbyeMrChipsWell. LeanOnMeWells. BlackboardGrove. DeadPoetsCottage. ToSirwithWells. Dangerous MindsGroves.

    Sorry. I am bored.

    BTW you HAVE to post Ricky’s picture of the new paint job on your house.

  4. I think you should go with MrWellsAftertheBells which is also suprisingly available as a .com, .org, .edu and any other suffix you could want. I’m going to try to get some work done now so I am done screwing up your website. Sorry.

  5. Wow, you wrote so much, I though you worked for the state.

  6. wow. I don’t have any good suggestions besides momislame.com
    or momshouldbeworking.com
    either of which are true.

  7. At least I’m working this summer, which is more than I can say for either of you. As for lame, I thought MrWellsAftertheBells was a step up from my past naming efforts. It certainly beats the heck out of Maritty, don’t you think Meg? It’s way better than the name for my Sim City, MamaLamaLand. But, after all this is a name for Chris, so I suggest he go back to using Cheknov– that’s right– an N instead of an H. People who don’t spell check in their glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Think about that.

  8. From here on out, no one will ask me why I am the way I am… they’ll have a pretty good idea.

    I like my: melearnwells.com or without the s.

  9. How about: ReachForTheUnpossible.com?

  10. Good Ralph Wiggins reference.

  11. Clearly this has become a way for mom to bash her great kids.

  12. so… it’s like every other day?

  13. I’m in the market for new offspring. Eroya?! Pratt? Dawn? Anyone? The job comes with all the food you can eat, and unlimited access to Tolley. Based on the current occupants, obviously I don’t have any standards so anyone can apply. Even Miller.

  14. Make sure you check her references before you apply.

  15. so I guess hookerscokeandpratt.com is out then even though that has nothing to do with sex or drugs, it is just a lifestyle!

    How about falldownwells.com



  16. Wells of knowledge I like… LAisntjustincalifornia is pretty damn funny.

  17. Is there and application process? Seems to me that unlimited food that I don’t have to cook and a mom that is seemingly readily available sounds pretty darn awesome! Sign me up! =)

    I like wellsofknowledge.com I keep trying to think of something better….total brain fart. Neat idea though Chris! How about wellsbrainstorm.com or wellsgreatexpectations.com. …yeah, see…not so great… =)

    So when are we doing that summer BBQ together? =)

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