I’m not sure what I found more interesting; was it that a student was trying to defend how the swastika is “cool” or that I could easily hear Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin'” being blasted from her headphones.

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Chris is a twenty-something Special Education teacher and Football coach in a little town south of Eugene, Oregon. Chris happily lives with his beautiful wife and his terribly uncoordinated Grate Dane named Moose. Chris has been known to travel, like reading, wanting more time to writing, be in the outdoors more, and generally not befoul the world.

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  1. Not to sound like a dork or anything, but in it’s original meaning, the swastika is kinda cool…it used to mean something good you know? Luck, strength, life, that kinda stuff…Hitler tainted it…so I think that the “Big Pimpin'” is more interesting 🙂 Hugs! (although people today only think of it as Hitler so…I DO see your point! )

  2. Yeah, I’be heard about the origins from Nepal or Tibet.

  3. Historical uses of the symbol aside, the real damn reason she used it was to get a reaction – it worked. It is doubtul that any of your students, hell any highschool student, really went out and researched the swastika because they thought it was not only cool but actually was a form of the christian cross.

    As for Jay-Z, I hope Beyonce is happy with his choices.

  4. I could definitely agree with the going for the reaction, but I would have to disagree with the “cross” reference, at least I would hope that they have touched on the Third Reich before they came to me, knowing the difference between the two. But, of course, that may suggest that they were listening or retaining.

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