Damn you, David Oreck

It’s been a while since I’ve had a bizarre dream, so I guess I was due, here’s the dream:

While out golfing with the administrators of my high school, I went to reach for my golf clubs but I came to the startling realization that instead of bringing a bag full of clubs, I brought a vacuum.  Ashamed of my mistake, I desperately tried to locate golf clubs within the vacuum but with every compartment I opened, all I found was vacuum accessories.

I’m not sure if this says something about my golf game (of which I have none), my cleaning, or my school… either way, I’m not sure what that statement would be.

About Wellsy

Chris is a twenty-something Special Education teacher and Football coach in a little town south of Eugene, Oregon. Chris happily lives with his beautiful wife and his terribly uncoordinated Grate Dane named Moose. Chris has been known to travel, like reading, wanting more time to writing, be in the outdoors more, and generally not befoul the world.

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  1. Probably a message from your wife saying that you should be thinking about helping out around the house more vs. golfing. I send those dreams to my husband all the time.

  2. You may have the first part right, but thankfully, I don’t golf. I would offer to clean up more, but I’m not sure I do it to her standards… personally, I don’t see what is wrong with “mopping” the floor by letting the dog lick the lanolium.

  3. That is the universal excuse. “I don’t clean because in the end it would be more work for her.” It is never more work… Trust me 🙂

  4. Why won’t you let me rationalize my own self-centered approach to relationships and chores?

  5. At just 8 pounds, I can see how you could bring the Oreck by mistake.

  6. Good thing I can try it out for 60 days at no cost, all I had to pay was shipping and handling.

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