It ain’t easy being grumpy…

I have to admit, I’m not always the social peach I usually portray.  I have my grumpy days, I have the days when I’ve got a hair-trigger… and yesterday was one of those days.  I had not slept well the night before and I was fully prepared to hold the world and its occupants responsible for that.

I was grumpy driving to school, grumpy getting my lessons ready, grumpy when the first bell rang.  I’m not sure how it happens, if I send up a flare that I need someone to cheer me up but my first and second periods did so.  They made jokes, funny observations and even made fun of me a little (in a good nature way).  My grumpiness was dissolved.  The rest of the day went really well.  I guess it is like most human relationships; the people who can make you mad or push your buttons, are also the people who can relieve you of your emotional fog.

It’s funny that, as teachers, we are so focused on making a daily difference with the students–sometimes I forget that the reverse can also be true.  This was just another reminder that I feel like I made a good decision by going into teaching.  It also reminds me to value the kids I see on a daily basis, they’re more than ink on a roster.

About Wellsy

Chris is a twenty-something Special Education teacher and Football coach in a little town south of Eugene, Oregon. Chris happily lives with his beautiful wife and his terribly uncoordinated Grate Dane named Moose. Chris has been known to travel, like reading, wanting more time to writing, be in the outdoors more, and generally not befoul the world.

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  1. I’ve adopted a policy that when kids have a bad day they have to tell me, so I can leave them alone, or give them space (so they won’t explode out of no where… well no where to me). And in return I will tell them when I’m having a bad day, so they can return the favor (and so I won’t explode out of no where). I love those days, because all it takes is saying to a group of kids (whom I love, and have worked hard to cheer up on their worst days) “I’m having a bad day” and suddenly I’m offered comfort, support, and usually candy. Hmmm candy.

  2. See-Dub: Even though I know you would excel at anything you wanted to do, teaching is just perfect for you. Its a mixture of the center-stage, the comedian, the caring adult and reasonable human being. You can kick those that need it in the ass and nurture those that are ask for it, in oh so many different ways. I wish there was a macro button on the keyboard, but I don’t mind having to type out, again, that ‘…I am very proud of you.’

  3. Dez: That’s not a bad policy, especially if there’s a candy treat at the end to reinforce me to do it again. I’m usually good about reading and heading off student bad days, I guess with my own I have been a little more stubborn to acknowledge.

    Dad: Thanks. I think one of the reasons I can be good at the ‘kicking’ part is because I was one of those kickees. How many times did we have to hear, “he’s got so much potential but…” It is definitely an interesting job and no two days are a like, which is great in my opinion.

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