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Transition: Complete

Well, it took me a little over two days but the transition from the old Box of Whine to the this new one is finally complete.  Cataloged, indexed, tagged, and sorted–all of the previous posts are now in order and you can search through them by the date, topic, tags, or almost anything else that seems to move you.

Newly Re-born (again) Website

You’re bearing witness to the rebirth of a website. Box of Whine has seen many changes in its days since its inception about 7 years ago. A big thanks to Derek Rose for his previous design and how well it ran. By updating the website and making it look new, hopefully it will encourage me to post more often.

As time goes on, I’ll be importing the old posts from the previous version… sorry, I’m not so committed to trawl through the comments and repost them, but it was a nice thought.  Thanks for asking.

Come as you are, as you were

Not a whole lot happening lately, the football teams have playing… maybe not as well as we would like to see. School is going well, this week has been insanely light: the transition department (translation: job preparedness) has been teaching my students first through third period, which means I really only teach fifth and sixth period…. there’s nothing like five prep periods, I find that I’m getting a lot done.

Parent/Teacher conferences start tonight. This means that I am sequestered in my room from about two in the afternoon until eight tonight. I hope they fixed the cable reception, there will be a lot of space between the three or four conferences I have today. Moose might make an appearance at the school after six–seeing as I have no appointments after that.

Speaking of Moose, he’s officially 14 weeks old and a bowl full of kibble away from 40 pounds. Have I mentioned how weird this dog is? This dog doesn’t like wet ground, when it has been raining and we take him outside, he’ll walk along the house under the eaves. There’s nothing like a dog with a complex.

And to spice things up, here’s a run down of search queries for Box of Whine:

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Obviously, some of my friends have some stalkers out there… but honestly, I don’t know why some of those word combinations brought people to my site.

I said breakdowns come and breakdowns go

Once in a while I like to take a look at the stats about your dearly beloved Box of Whine and here’s what I’ve found:

Top referring site:

According to the ‘Search Queries’ this is how most people find my site (in order of most used term):
1.chris wells
2. hermione granger
3. box of whine
4. leperchauns
5. seventy second
6. i surrender myself
7. the camden mushroom company
8. kiss me i’m danish
9. tyler durden coolest movie characters of all time
10. australian sheppard pups
11. impossible leila ali
12. best james taylor song
13. andrew bekken
14. aviros
15. mario borthers
16. hatoon
17. campliobacteria
18. leperchuan

Most of you come here between 11:00pm and 12:00 am, usually on Mondays… and you do so most of the time with a Windows operating system, but one of you came here with an Amiga operating system (I wonder if that was on an Amiga computer, I can only hope).

…some people call me Maurice

A rather depressing fact:
Jinky Wells II ranks higher than me (page 22)in a google search for my name. I still haven’t found me.…and jinky is a teddy bear. There’s a metaphor if I’ve ever seen one.


Like a coin that’ll never get tossed

Let the unveiling begin. Here is the start of yet another website. I know that people thought I should get “” or “” but no, I decided to rise above expectations (translation: they were taken). A mighty big thanks to Derek Rose for his help and work– most importantly with the code. This set up will make it infinitely easier for me to post which means more of a quantity… I can’t guarantee quality, though. Plus, there are cool little features throughout the website (for example the poll at the bottom of the page.) Let me know what you think of the new surroundings.

ps. As an unbiased observer, I highly suggest taking a look at Derek’s on going web-extravaganza: Pathetisad the comic .

she’s a summer storm and I’m a hurricane…

You are bearing witness to the birth of a new website… you should be honored or at least slightly amused. Since graduating and gaining acceptance into grad school, the university has told me that they are going to confiscate my old email and web address. Somewhere in that, there may be a metaphor but I will let it be. So everything that I have will be on the new server. As you have noticed I’ve “dumbed down” the website, this is purely for my own benefit, this way I can update it easier… plus for those of you still restricted to sub-broadband intent, it should load a heck-of-a-lot quicker with the minimal amount of graphics.

Now onto an update:

I’ve been working, feverishly mind you, at grad school and at Thurston High School… all of which give the stark realization that I have very little time of my own. As it seems, I am teaching a 9th grade English class… currently, we are reading different short stories. The perverse shift of my place in a high school is still something I need to grasp onto. I still give out a angst ridden “hey.” when a student says hi to me. I guess that “hello” would be more appropriate, oh well. The lack of years between me and my students is the buffer that keeps me from reality. Either way, I am an authority figure. Scary. In between grading papers, the 25 minute commute, and school, I have a little bit of a life– only I’ve forgotten what it looked like. If you see it, please send it my way. More to come, I assure you.

with 10 miles behind me and 10,000 more to go…

Well… if you checked this webpage within the last day, you would have noticed that I accidentally deleted the previous post, but thanks to my dad, it has been saved… never to be lost again. The only real think I have to proclaim with this update is that on your left, on the side bar near the bottom, you’ll see a picture… that is a live (if my camera is on) view of my room or what ever I want you to see. Sometime it will be a view of out my window or maybe of a little trinket on my desk. Anyways, you can click on the picture to see a bigger view of the picture. Hmm, well, birthday is tomorrow… making dinner for Nora, I get to cook; I’m looking forward to that. More stories of my misadventures to come.


Here it is, the maiden voyage of my new website, dedicated to… well, me, and what is going on in my life; basically an update and collection of my goings on. This webpage should be updated weekly, if not more. More to come… if you’re lucky.