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The Seven Year Blessing

Blessings seem to get more rare as we get older.  The whimsy and magic of the world fade away into rote routine and tried mechanisms.  As adults, we start to see grind of the daily life, and lose the surprise and awe that we once had.  I’ve lucked out as an adult.  I married my blessing seven years ago today, and from her, has sprung more to be thankful for than I could ever tally up.  The most, of course, is not only the birth of Owen and Parker, but the long, and what I can only imagine as being an uncomfortable pregnancy.  Yet, she did it with grace and ease that I could never conjure up myself.  Daily, Jess brings other blessings into my life.  Granted, it may not be life-changing, momentous blessings, but rather little ones that make my life happier, easier, and fun.  I fear that there are a lot of little things that she does for me that I miss, or I have let fall into the routine of daily life.  I cannot begin to thank her with even an ounce of the gratitude that she so rightly deserves, but I guess this is a start.

Thank you for our boys, our life, you love and support.  Thank you for your loyalty, compassion, and your ability to care about me.  Thank you for being a mother to my sons, a friend to me, and a partner to take on and tackle all of the absurd, wonderful, stressful, sad, and joyous events that we come across.  I couldn’t be where I am today… I couldn’t be as happy as I am today… I couldn’t be a father today without you.  Thank you for being my blessing and for taking a chance on me seven years ago.

With much love, and overwhelming thanks.  I love you, Jess.




The Number 10

There is a lot to be found in the number 10.


In the number 10, there are 3 continents, 14 countries , 6 international trips

In the number 10, you can find the Eiffel tower, a giant rock named Uluru, a flat tire paid for in pounds, two pear-apples in a paper bag–ready to go, little bits of icebergs, a lunch on the side of a mountain, and a stack of bones.

In the number 10 is the beach, as well as long drives, and little notes.

In the number 10 hides people in closets, around corners, especially when you’re not looking.

In the number 10 are shells for your dashboard.

In the number 10, the knuckle on  the index finger of your right hand always pops just right

In the number 10, there are tag-teamed pies, handmade pastas, and banana pancakes.

In the number 10 is 203.

In the number 10, there is a duck, named Puddles.

In the number 10, we like to chase cows.

In the number 10, “Bonjour!” means, “I’m sorry, I don’t speak French.”

In the number 10, everything begins at 11:42 pm.

In the number 10, everyone likes the color green.

In the number 10, Papa John’s pizza is delivered, Top Ramen is made for you, and the bread here, is really good.

In the number 10, there is grading to be done.

In the number 10, Mexico makes for a long 6 weeks.

In the number 10, when the power shuts off, the weather lightning lights your way home and is your entertainment.

In the number 10, the hills are covered in snow and begged to be walked on.

In the number 10, Friday nights after work are the best for painting.

In the number 10, tickling feet is allowable for only a limited duration.

In the number 10, long car rides are always made short by the conversation.

In the number 10, you don’t play checkers fair.

In the number 10, you should always be prepared to be asked what you’re thinking.

In the number 10, there are crab traps to be pulled and clams to be found with your toes.

In the number 10, a cup of coffee (or 2) are waiting for you.

In the number 10, football is the main event.

In the number 10, it is pretty rare that any gift is opened on the day that it should be.

In the number 10, there are now 3 families.

In the number 10, you never love the most, but there is a good chance, you’ll do so the mostest.

In the number 10, even numbers are preferred.

In the number 10, you’ll find your way to July 23rd.

In the number 10, lives the little town of Cottage Grove.

In the number 10, if you look hard enough, are diced red peppers.

In the number 10, some of us are good guessers, even with 9 months to go.

In the number 10, the best place to rest your hand is on a tummy, there’s a good chance it will get kicked.

In the number 10, 1 + 1 will always equals 4.

In the number 10, our favorite letters are O and P.

In the number 10  is you and me.

In the number 10 are all the years that have cradle my whole life.

 Jess & Chris

Jessica, thank you for starting my life for me, 10 years ago today.




Waiting for summer, his pastures to change

Jess and I have been to many places around the world; we’ve been on top of mountains in Europe and swam the coral reefs of Australia’s oceans, but the biggest of adventures is just ahead: 20 fingers and 20 toes.

Do you remember when we first met? I sure do

Sitting on the uncomfortable little split couch in Parsons Hall watching a movie on this day, eight years ago at 11:42 at night–Jess and I officially became a couple.  If you had asked me in that moment what I thought my life would be like eight years down the road, I’m sure you would have received a bumbling answer that would have have no clue to the many joys we’ve had together, the hard times we’ve been there for each other, and the compounding memories that are always perched on the very tips of our noses.

As well, I know that I wouldn’t have been able to say that this shy, intelligent, and stunningly beautiful woman would literally expand the horizons of my world to new things beyond, force me to try new things and to trust myself.

In my best and worst moments, she is a constant–be it a laugh, a surprisingly strong hug, a correction, a sounding board, a travel buddy and so much more.  No longer do I question if I am good enough for her–I know I am–but the real question is, what good have I done for her today or right now in this moment?

As we have gone through these eight years together, we’ve noticed plenty of 28’s, like my first apartment with which the wood grain made a heart on the back of the door.  Jess, I look forward to finding many more twenty-eights and having your hand in mine for many more multiples of eights.  It’s all for you, babe.

Love ya and thank you.

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday!

Europe 2008 781

Happy birthday to the best travel companion I’ve ever had.

Happy birthday to the person who reminds me of what’s important.

Happy birthday to the one who help me find what I should do with my life.

Happy birthday to my better half, alright, my better 98%.

Happy birthday to my inspiration.

Happy birthday to the beginning and ending of every day.

Happy birthday to my conscience, my confidant, my cheerleader.

Happy birthday to the reason I feel handsome, I feel loved, I feel confident

Happy birthday to the reason I can’t wait to come home every night.

Happy birthday to the one who makes me laugh the most.

Happy birthday to the world’s best conversationalist.

Happy birthday to September 4th, September 28th, and July 23rd.

Jess, happy birthday.  I love you.

Three Years Ago Today And Two Little Words

My life really took root…

Just after exchanging ourdo's

Jess, every moment of my life I am thankful for this day and for you.  Thank you for being who you are and bringing out the best of me.  Love you tremedously.

You’re the birthday boy or girl…

Moose and Jess

To the most remarkable woman who helped me find what I could be and do everything I should be doing.  Each day I’m happier than the last and with each day I’m a better person than I was, all because of you.  Thank you for making me push myself, better myself, and hold myself to a higher standard.  I’m not sure anyone could ever comprehend the impact you have had upon my life; I know, without a doubt, my life would not be as successful or as fulfilling, nor do I think I would be as happy, as confident, or as truly content.  You’ve helped me become who I am, and for that I’m forever in your debt.

I wish you a sincere and truly happy birthday and beyond.

Happy birthday, Jess!

Movin’ on Up…

Honestly, I couldn’t be any more proud… today, Jess was offered a full-time teaching position as a third grade teacher at her school. Jess has been working long and hard to obtain a full-time position after working two years as a half-time kindergarten teacher. And by-George, she deserves it. Jess is thrilled that she gets to stay at her elementary school, she absolutely loves her staff and she’s even more thrilled about the possibility of seeing some of her former kindergarten students as third graders in a couple of years.

I’m so proud of her achievements, she is just simply amazing.

Way to go Jess!

Hit Cruise Control and Rubbed My Eyes

My nose the texture of a lightly smoked beef jerky and the tops of my knees the same color of pink as that of a jumper of a newborn baby girl. Every time I scrunch my face, it feels like crinkled up paper.

Ah, the start of summer.

Officially, the first day of my summer was last Friday, but I was knee-deep in the football camp we were running.

However, my burnt exterior didn’t come from that. That was yesterday, at Heidi’s (my sister-in-law) graduation at OSU. Held in The Salsa Bowl (aka Reeser Stadium) the sun came out in full force. Now I wince when my shorts rub over my knees.

This was Jess’s first full year of teaching, while she says that she is happy that the year is over, I think that she secretly misses her kindergarteners.

At my high school, on the last day for the seniors, a group of three seniors got into my room (with help, I’m sure) and covered the walls with tinfoil. As well, they stacked all of the desk and chairs… covering them in tinfoil as well. On top of the tinfoil, there was a healthy layer of silly string.

The worst part of the prank was not the clean up. What leaves me raw is that they got the idea from me. Further proof that I need to keep my mouth closed.

But don’t worry, dear reader, I got them back. Those same pranksters invited me to their graduation parties. I was happy to go. I brought them each a gift card; of course, each card was encased in two hundred feet of tinfoil. Each card felt like it weighed five pounds. I was lucky enough to watch one of the pranksters unwrap this card, it took him at least of ten minutes.

It was all good fun. The prank was in good taste and I actually took it as a sign of respect… as well, revenge is always fun.

On the docket for this summer:

I hope this old train breaks down then I could take a walk around

Granted, yes, it has been a long time since I’ve posted… June I think. I’ve been busy, I’m sure you’ve found a way to cope and stagger through life without your fix of my mediocrity… or so I hope.

Here are the highlights:
Jess is a kindergarten teacher, right before we left for Newfoundland she was hired in my school district. She works about a little down road from me. So far she loves it. She definitely gets more interesting stories; my stories always end, “so they were suspended.” Where as, she has creative endings like, “…and we had to tell them why that word isn’t ok to say,” or “…then we had to pull them off of the fence.” She has a good staff and a good principal; I think she likes it a lot better than getting called at six in the morning to find out if you can sub.

In sports related news: One of the reasons I have been so busy is football, but it is a good kind of busy. Right after school let out for the summer I went down to Ashland with our football team to attend the Southern Oregon University football camp. It was five days of football, dorm food, and well, more football. It was fun, although I didn’t get to sleep much. It was a good time to hang out with a lot of the players and get to know them more as well as learn some new information.

Since we’re knee deep into football season, I’ll give you the run down. Out of our seven games, we’ve lost three, but all three were to highly ranked teams such as Marist (#1) and Scappoose (#2) and Sherwood (5A #1), which is a huge improvement over last year. We’ve been called a sleep team and people have said that there are teams that don’t want to line up against us because we give them a good thrashing. In all likelihood we’re playoff bound which is good for this school seeing as they haven’t been there in a long time. We’re putting up some good numbers and we’ve got some good kids… hopefully that’s the right equation for a trip to play on Decemeber 9th.

My work is good, at first it was a fight to get me going but that’s just coming off of a summer. I’m glad to be back, but between it and football, my time at home is pretty scarce. Thankfully, I have an understanding wife. I just finished up my parent-teacher conferences for the fall term, which meant I was at school from 7 in the morning until 8 at night, which is only about an hour and a half longer than I am usually here.

Moose is still getting bigger yet his coordination has still stayed the same. He’s still the lap dog that he was on the day we brought him home.

I’ll try to update more regularly, but no promises.