Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12

  • Just posted a 3.91 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper #
  • I feel bad for everyone that doesn't have a birthday today, because mine was awesome. Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes! #
  • Goodnight birthday, see you in the morning. #
  • There's no solace to be found in dismantling a dog house. #
  • Think your luck is bad: Double Blasted – Radiolab #radiolab #
  • I love midnight house maintenance. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05

  • Since when is the Showcase Showdown an Olympic sport? About time! #
  • 8 hours down and 9 hours back from Chico to see Kyden, Danny and Sarah. Well worth the driving. Good food, good laughs, good kidos. #
  • Even though we lost Moose today, Owen still gives the Sign for "dog" when we say Moose's name. It makes it a little easier that he remembers #
  • I just had my mouth sandblasted for the first time. No, that's not a euphemism. #
  • Just completed a 5.13 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-29

The Seven Year Blessing

Blessings seem to get more rare as we get older.  The whimsy and magic of the world fade away into rote routine and tried mechanisms.  As adults, we start to see grind of the daily life, and lose the surprise and awe that we once had.  I’ve lucked out as an adult.  I married my blessing seven years ago today, and from her, has sprung more to be thankful for than I could ever tally up.  The most, of course, is not only the birth of Owen and Parker, but the long, and what I can only imagine as being an uncomfortable pregnancy.  Yet, she did it with grace and ease that I could never conjure up myself.  Daily, Jess brings other blessings into my life.  Granted, it may not be life-changing, momentous blessings, but rather little ones that make my life happier, easier, and fun.  I fear that there are a lot of little things that she does for me that I miss, or I have let fall into the routine of daily life.  I cannot begin to thank her with even an ounce of the gratitude that she so rightly deserves, but I guess this is a start.

Thank you for our boys, our life, you love and support.  Thank you for your loyalty, compassion, and your ability to care about me.  Thank you for being a mother to my sons, a friend to me, and a partner to take on and tackle all of the absurd, wonderful, stressful, sad, and joyous events that we come across.  I couldn’t be where I am today… I couldn’t be as happy as I am today… I couldn’t be a father today without you.  Thank you for being my blessing and for taking a chance on me seven years ago.

With much love, and overwhelming thanks.  I love you, Jess.




Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-22

  • The thunder has already woken up one twin. Stupid weather. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-15

  • Just completed a 1.60 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper #
  • Insomnia doesn't cone to visit me much anymore, but tonight we're catching up and telling old stories #cantsleep #
  • Best quote of the afternoon, "No, do not drive it on his head." #
  • Pulled bbq pork salad #
  • Learn something new about Wingdings every day: #
  • I am not very productive. Two steps forward, two steps in a completely random direction. #
  • Rapidly finding my mileage again after rehabbing my foot. There's a lot to be said for the solitude &the pounding of the pavement #running #
  • Owen routinely uses is new-found yawp. Found the cow toy: yawp. Patting his brother's back: yawp. Ate a noodle: yawp. Won't nap: yawp. #
  • I've come to grips that there are just some words that I will forever misspell. I've got to be comfotable with that, I guess #tattooideas #
  • Everything happens for a raisin. #
  • One problem with having kids: I can listen to long stretches of my music, but all of a sudden Sesame street or Raffi takes over. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-08

  • Sushi at Safeco Field #
  • Over 10 hours in the car, CG to Seattle and back again in one day, but worth it for a baseball game with a couple best buds #iddoitagain #
  • I'm gearing up a new site to sell my mom's school posters since she was devastated by Google's penguin, take a peek: #
  • Day 2 of swim lessons were a success: Owen qualified for the Olympics in face dunking, while Parker qualified in watersliding. #
  • Little Known Fact: We all started out life as creamy peanut butter. #
  • Might have missed the 4th of July mark with breakfast: French Toast, Canadian Bacon, and Scotch Eggs. #
  • I bet zombies wear a lot of turtle-neck sweaters. #
  • Los Hombres #
  • You can tell a lot about the which stage a person is in their life by how they like their eggs. #
  • Boys are asleep,time to check another classic movie, on tap: Sabrina. #
  • Little known fact: Producers strongly considered Angela Lansbury for Brad Pitt's Role in the blockbuster, Seven. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-01

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-24

  • When I grow up, I want to be a father just like my dad was for me. Happy Father's day, Dad! #
  • An amazing Father's Day with Jess and the twins at the Ems game for the boys' first baseball game. #twinning #
  • Poor Moose-Dog, Parker is chasing him through the living room. #
  • Ok, Now we're really in for it, babies can crawl on to the coffee table at will. #
  • Parker now says "Go Ducks!" in Parkerese. #
  • You know you're tired, when you close your eyes momentarily, and can't find the way out. #
  • RT: @youthchg: Breakthrough Student Behavior Mgmt. Conf. May 2-3, 2013. Fin. Aid, $50 grad credit, 10 free CEUs. #
  • Nothing like enjoying a beer after a hard day of working on the rails… by which I mean building Brio train tracks with the twins. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-17

  • The up-side of being up all night with sleepless 1 year-olds is you get the all of the after-effects of binge drinking without the drinking #
  • Happiest day of the year: grading day for the last term of the year. #
  • It was a sweet moment, me on the floor playing trains with the twins until I realized it was only for 5 minutes, the last hour was just me. #
  • I'm not so much disturbed that the boys are now fluent in picking their nose, it's picking other people's nose that weirds me out. #
  • Parker #
  • One of my favorite games: Glad I could show some self-control. #
  • Kicked off the summer with BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, bbq cream cheese stuffed jalapenos, bbq mushrooms, and coleslaw. #
  • 4 ounces of Freedom #
  • Just posted a photo #
  • Just posted a photo #
  • Pendleton, it's good to be in you again. #
  • Pendleton at The Prodigal Son Brew-Pub #
  • Just posted a photo #
  • See ya, Pendleton. #
  • Road to Heppner #
  • Just posted a photo #
  • This morning, I was viciously attacked by a rampaging bowl of melted butter. #