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there must be some way outta here said the joker to the thief

hmm… well, I don’t know things are different; not always for the best. Good: residents are back, more people to meet, RA job has started. Bad: my friend Geoff got deployed with the Air Force.
I was a little bit nervous about the new group of residents I was about to receive, other than one small incident I am pretty hopeful about this up coming year. This group (sans alcohol) seems more mature and respectful of not only me and my job, but also of each other. It will be interesting to see how this year turns out; for the better I hope. There is a major contrast to this year’s group compared to the group I had last go-around. Last year the residents were, well, to generalize: hippies, or at least of the hippy tendencies. Whereas this year it is more of main-stream almost Greek type of residents. This is neither good nor bad, I just feel that at the beginning I had more of a connection with my group last year, as I am more hippy than I am fratboy. Like I said before, we’ll see.

I like this new group of RAs, they seem more responsible and willing to help. I think that maybe the tragedy we experienced on the 11th, some how bonded us a little bit more closely. New classes also begin in a couple of days, most of my classes I am not worried about; German on the other hand should be a brand new experience for me. Nervous would be a good word to use about how i feel.

Geoff: well, I can’t say that this was unexpected though still unpleasant. I know he won’t be flying fighter jets, but still the chances of violence still makes it an uneasy situation. To round out this update, I’ll say another little piece about what took place in NYC. I keep on hearing about how we are going to rebuild the Trade Center. Yes, I realize that this is a big sign of defiance; but still, wouldn’t it be more of a defiant and humanitarian response to build a massive park there in remembrance of the tragedy and lives lost in the act that took place on Sept. 11th. Maybe a park would help us remember our mistakes in the past and guide us in the future.I hope I’m not drafted.


Oz never did give nothing to the tin man he didn’t already have

What a time for a metamorphosis. I am truly amazed at such acts of violence. At times I have to remind myself that: Yes, thousands of people will only exist in remembrance due to one act, but sadly, this is not uncommon. Many people have died at our own government’s hands; the only difference is that it is us that is being struck down and all at once, not one by one like in Chile. This is no way says that what was done to us was being deserved, because it wasn’t; the statement I am trying to convey is that we have just as much blood on our hands as everyone else.

I have always known that us in America have had a vulnerable underbelly, I believe that many people were stricken with the belief that we were unbreakable. Indivisible, I can believe that, but unbreakable: never. We are just as fragile, if not more, than countries that deal with this same horrendous reality everyday, they have one thing that keeps them more prepared than us; they know it can happen, they don’t sit high upon their reverie of invincibility.

Is there a way we could have stopped this before it occurred? I believe so, some would preach carpet bombings, ground assaults, tactical strikes. However, I would preach the tactical policy making. I think it to be undeniable to say that the way we treat our coinhabitants of this planet with utmost disregard. We need to have something a little bit more cheaper, even at the expense of someone else. In a sense it is a global piracy; is this a reason to have thousands die? Of course not. I just believe that should actually initiate what they hold so much stock in. A good portion of this country will say: treat your neighbor as you wish be treated; at times this seems to only apply to our white christian neighbors. We have exploited people. Some people want retribution, sometimes this is as simple as an apology. But we are just as infallible as we are invincible. Now some of these people want blood, our blood, maybe if we had set aside the pain in our being called pride, we could have saved ourselves from our own makings.

I will not say “maybe this was for the better,” NOTHING is worth being better for the death, or even suffering of one person. But I believe this will make us as people a little bit more conscience of how we treat other people. The exploitation maybe useful at one point, can be deadly at another. But do we try to secure such thoughts? No. Our response to being shown our faults is to kill kill kill. The same three words that provided us with a head of concrete and humanity. The American people aren’t shouting out “let us learn from this, let us reform our methods and then our world!” I think we all know what is being said. Here is a question that anyone above the age of three can answer: how do you stop a fist fight? By putting down your fists or going in for another swing.

I have seen buildings crumble to nothing. I have seen our world on its knees. I have seen a person throw themselves to avoid being killed at the hands of someone else, only to cartwheel down to the inevitable; I wonder if it was in defiance of the hate. I have seen humanity at its worst and best; and now see humanity.

My generation is now defined.