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I need a truck.

To start off this update, I thought I would mention that I have “archived” the old updates for the sake of the speed of accessing the webpage. If you want to go through the old updates, click here. Now on to more pressing issues, like tree planting and why I need a Dodge Ram truck. Tree planting was a great program (if I don’t say so myself), we had at least 30 residents attend, and everyone of them seemed to enjoy the day. I even received some requests to do tree planting again. Thanks to Patrick, I already have the pictures, I have put them in a java slide show format, everyone should be able to see it, but if you can’t, don’t tell me… it will hurt my feelings, no, but seriously, email me and I’ll find a better way to show the pictures. Click here for the pictures. For the tree planting program, we had rented 3 vans and a Ram truck, which brings me to my next point: I need a Ram truck. I have never felt so comfortable while driving before; this vehicle actually had head room and didn’t give the the sardine experience. I don’t know why, but I really enjoyed driving the truck… as my big dumb goofy grin shows in here this picture… by the way, the shadowy figures in the background are Anna and Lindy, though they are hard to see (This picture was taken by Patrick on I-5 on the way back to Eugene, speed approximately: 95 mph (just kidding). In reality, though, I would never own a truck like that… not only are they incredibly bad for the environment, but they often kill people during crashes, and I don’t like that possibility. Though it was fun to drive, it was most likely a singular event.

Another RAs program that I am looking forward to is our “Who Wants To Be An Alcoholic” program. Basically its an event where we talk about the negative effects of drinking, but of course that wouldn’t draw people to a program, so we are offering free food and $100 in prizes. It should be fun, and I am working with some cool RAs, so it should be fun… and educational of course. I am particularly proud of the flyer I madefor this event I am particularly proud that I made Regis holding a frosty mug of some generic beer, as well as correcting the grammar of the “Who wants to be a millionaire” logo to modify it to say “Who wants to be an Alcoholic.” A lot of work went into this, and I am pleased with the out come. (You can click the picture to get a bigger view of it.)

My final topic of this update, is the upcoming RA selection interviews; meaning that I get to interview perspective RAs for next year. This is something I have really looked forward to this, not only do I get to, in a sense, select my co-workers for next year, but it is also a part of hiring that I have never been a part of; usually I’m on the interviewee end. I am also excited because I know of three people who are applying: Anna, Lindy, and Drew; I am very excited to have all three of them work with me next year, and I am sure they will all do excellent during their interviews… or at least they should feel that they have to after the nice letters of recommendation letters I wrote for them. More news to come when life happens to me.

Hooray for Classes?

Since time seems to go in a linear motion, winter break has ended, and I have returned from a hiatus ready to take a new term head on, or at least, I will say that now and cry and whine about it later. I did accomplish one of my goals of going to Victoria B.C., over break, it was a good trip… Makes me want even more to become Canadian, there is something appealing of socialized medicine… But the west coast of Canada is not for me, Newfoundland is my home away from home, I’ve taken it upon myself to check out the exchange program to the University of Saint John’s, we will see the out come; right now it is probably more talk than action, I don’t think I can pull myself away from the seductive call of capitalism.
I haven’t taken it upon myself to start to new term in a good way; last night right before a staff meeting I was stricken with the sudden feeling of “I don’t think my tummy is supposed to feel like that,” hence the entire duration of Thursday night I spent in my bathroom being sick, not a great thing, I don’t recommend it. If there is one good thing about me becoming sick is that Anna and Lindy (my favorite residents) came up to my room and brought me 7-up and a pair of hugs. I was touched. I must sign off from this correspondence, my bed and “Waking Ned Divine” are calling. More updates to come when my life picks up again.

Ps. The “Links” page is now up, you can venture into the strange world of my friends and their websites… enjoy.