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Time to get your Bac-on

Making good use of a four-day weekend, we had a little get together at the Wells household.  That’s a bit understatement, we had a Bacon Party.  The rules were that everyone had to bring a dish and a main ingredient of it had to be bacon.  bacon-poster-2bacon-poster3bacon-poster1

This idea was born from a conversation in the staff room during lunch.  One of my coworkers was talking about have a wine and cheese party, I told her that she could invite me when it became a bacon party.  A couple of weeks later, Jess and I ended up hosting it.  Here are the highlights:

Each of the dishes were awesome in their own bacony way.  My personal favorite were the Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos.  I think the biggest, “this should have tasted gross but it was ridiculously good” shock that people had, was to my Bacon-Maple Ice Cream, which I nicknamed “Greasy Road Ice Cream”.  I had also made Bacon Pull-Apart Rolls and Bacon Pinwheels.  I was also pleasantly surprised how good the Bacontinis were.  My artieries on the other hand……