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Time to Wake up

The other night, I was having my usual buffett of strange and weird dreams.  The last one was of this kid who I’ve coached in football and baseball.  In my dream, he was complaining about not being able to go out for baseball.  He followed me around, unceasingly sure that not playing baseball was going to ruin his life.  No matter where I was, he was there expressing his sorrow.  Then, at one point, he stops and starts staring at me.  After a while, he says, “5…4…3…2…1…1…1…1…1” and then I woke up to me alarm which was buzzing at the same tempo as the kid was counting down. 

I bet I’d move on over a little farther down the line

If I had waited until tomorrow, it would have been a whole month since the last time I posted, but I’ve never been one to leave something that neat. As well, it’s the sanctified birthday of our buddy, our pal, Greg Miller. I’m sure we’ll all give a synchronized finger wag to that.March and April (or Mapril, as I like to call it) has been busy with baseball and work. Fortunately, the Grove’s very own JV baseball team has turned their season around, cracking the .500 barrier with their win over Pleasant Hill. On the year, we’re 7-6, in the Sky Em league, we’re 6-0. We usually put up our ten-plus points by the third inning and wait through the fifth inning to let the ten run rule take effect. Today we take on the LaPine Hawks, hopefully, we can send them back on a three hour sour bus ride.

This weekend, I’ll be at the U of O football coaching camp with the other coaches. We’ll get to see the likes of Mike Bellotti and Nick Aliotti, but I’m sure that they will be behind velvet ropes with security guards and cameras.

Other than that, 40 days left in the school year. Nobody counts down like teachers do.


Grey days rolling, Then you’ll see him

On the days when it hasn’t rained, or at least, wasn’t raining too much, the Grove’s two baseball teams have sprinted onto the ol’ diamond ball field to swing the pine to round out 7 innings with a mark scratched into the win column. Well, the pine was swung, but the end result has yet to be a mark in any column that wasn’t labeled loss.

The JV team’s first game(s) took place at a double-header in Philomath. With narrow losses coming at 5-3 and 6-3. Yesterday, we rode out to the metropolitan setting of Lowell, where we went down 13-8.

Yesterday’s loss was the most disheartening. At the start of the game, we came close to going through our line-up at our first at bat. We came away with four runs. Thus starts the Grove’s athletics dance, where you start off doing the Fox Trot and end up finding yourself on a slow waltz. That waltz crescendo at the third inning when we had 12 runs placed against us. Yeah, 12. I can’t even spell it out, it was so shocking. But wait, late in the fifth inning, something clicked in the dug-out (which was literally four feet from the first baseline), kids started hooting and hollering, giving out all sorts of encouragement. Then like a lightning bolt from Zeus, four more runs for the Grove. Now it’s 8-13, only one out. With bases loaded, our power-hitter takes his position at the plate. First pitch, low and outside, ball. Our runner at third makes a movement, hoping for a poorly thrown pick from the catcher, our runner sneaks back to third. Bases still loaded. Second pitch, right up the middle but low, ball two. The umpire stands up, walks to the mound, and throws up his hands… is it a balk? Do we get a run because the pitcher moved his shoulders? Are we going to be one solid hit away from a win?

…but there is no joy in Mudville —
mighty Cottage Grove was rained out.

…and I’m the last one hanging around

Saturday was the greatest bachelor party that I have ever had (and the fact that this is my only one shouldn’t diminish that statement).In the Early Wynn suite, number 4, we watch the Mariners trounce the Oriels. I had an absolute blast. While the baseball game was good, it was more fun to hang around and talk with everyone.

I’m really appreciative for everyone who drove up to Seattle (or the 20 miles Susuk had to travel). It was a great time. I don’t think I’ll be able to go to a baseball game again and sit in a regular seat, this trip ruined me… I’m going to need a suite every time.

Thanks guys, it was a great send off!