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Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday!

Europe 2008 781

Happy birthday to the best travel companion I’ve ever had.

Happy birthday to the person who reminds me of what’s important.

Happy birthday to the one who help me find what I should do with my life.

Happy birthday to my better half, alright, my better 98%.

Happy birthday to my inspiration.

Happy birthday to the beginning and ending of every day.

Happy birthday to my conscience, my confidant, my cheerleader.

Happy birthday to the reason I feel handsome, I feel loved, I feel confident

Happy birthday to the reason I can’t wait to come home every night.

Happy birthday to the one who makes me laugh the most.

Happy birthday to the world’s best conversationalist.

Happy birthday to September 4th, September 28th, and July 23rd.

Jess, happy birthday.  I love you.

Sixteen candles, times two, minus five

As of this evening (6:45?), I will be officially 27 years old. It’s funny how time progresses in a linear motion; honestly, I never sat around and thought, “When I’m 27…”, and yet here it is. I know that this next phrase will get a bunch of “well, at least you’re not X years old like me”, but I feel old. Time seems to speed up as each year is tacked on. It felt like I was a kid forever and then high school seemed to drag on, then college went pretty quickly, and here I am and my twenties are almost over.

Luckily, I’m happy where I am. Accidentally, on purpose, or by pure buffoonery, I’ve got a pretty sweet life. I’ve got someone to spend my life with who is not only beautiful, but also compassionate and understanding of my smudges and torn corners. I have a job that I actually enjoy, not to say that some days it doesn’t get under my skin, but nine days out of ten, I am happy to unlock my classroom and interact with the students. As well, I have a supportive family… on both sides, who cheer me on and correct me when I’m not myself. Even though a certain siblings of mine believes that I “fall” into everything, I think I’ve done good with what I’ve been given, worked, and fought for.

What does my next 27 years bring? Whose to say? All I know is that I have to live by my rule of, “if it hard to do, then it means that is the direction I should take.” I want to give more, I want to donate my time more, I want to continue to see the world outside of Cottage Grove and yet carefully examine every little oddity and beauty that surrounds me. I want to continue to better myself, mentally and physically. Shut off the TV more, read more books this summer than I did last summer; push myself to run the fastest mile yet, weigh another pound less. Be a little wiser and kinder.

Here’s to my 27 years and to the understanding that inside, I just turned 12 again.

You’re the birthday boy or girl…

Moose and Jess

To the most remarkable woman who helped me find what I could be and do everything I should be doing.  Each day I’m happier than the last and with each day I’m a better person than I was, all because of you.  Thank you for making me push myself, better myself, and hold myself to a higher standard.  I’m not sure anyone could ever comprehend the impact you have had upon my life; I know, without a doubt, my life would not be as successful or as fulfilling, nor do I think I would be as happy, as confident, or as truly content.  You’ve helped me become who I am, and for that I’m forever in your debt.

I wish you a sincere and truly happy birthday and beyond.

Happy birthday, Jess!

You’re the birthday boy or girl…

Happy 22nd Birthday, Meg!

Chris and Meagan

I’m taking the chance to see the wind in your eyes

Well, here I am three days from birthday. This is the last of the important birthdays, not that I have been very big on birthdays… but seriously the 21st birthday is the true signal of adulthood, not because you can buy alcohol but because after 21 no one cares how old you are. That is alright by me, people already think I am at least 23… I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. Never-the-less, I will be going out as the clock strikes 12:00am, it should be interesting… especially since i have class the next day.
In other news: Jessica finally came home. This has been a homecoming that i have been waiting for all summer, now I have well rooted dislike for Mexico… and now it isn’t just because it is hot and sunny there. i drove Jess back to Bend, which, by-the-way, is not a fun drive when you are tired and it pitch black outside. Coming over the pass we could see the glow of the forest fires which was kind of cool but little did I know two days later my route home would be cut off those fires. I can’t say I was sad about not being able to go back to Eugene, I got to stay and hang out in Bend with Jessica and her family… no complaints from me. I was hoping the fires would interfere with my plans to head home, I must have an amazing ability to control major fires. The only problem with staying at Jessica’s was that my shoulders got very burned with all of the swimming we did. I’ve gone through the painful redness stage and now I’m in the slightly entertaining stage of peeling, unfortunately that stage has the bonus ability to itch like no tomorrow. Looking at my back, i feel like a leper… no offense to any lepers out there. But it was well worth it, I got to spend time with my best gal.

Other than all of that, life is pretty slow and ordinary. Still looking for a roommate… I think that bears repeating: Still looking for a roommate. hint hint. Until I feel inspired again…