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…a bad day is when I lie in bed and think of things that might have been

Well the leaves have turned color and are threatening to coat the sidewalks, around the corner is what every kid here waits for with anticipation… causing late nights of thinking, asking themselves I wonder how big they will be? What will I get? …Of course I am talking about finals. I am not sure if time speeds up as you grow older but it sure seems as though time is whipping past me, I don’t see that as a necessarily good thing. Does this increase as you get older? If so, when I am forty that will make my days feel like two and a half hours long. At least my meals will be close together. I was looking at my transcripts of my college career, I am amazed how close I am to being done with my undergraduate degree. That is almost scary, its more of a mixture of wonderment and nervousness.

It has been a while since I have updated this web page… I’ve been a busy boy, writing papers like a mad man but that’s ok by me, seeing as I have no actual midterms or finals. Some classes are still all right, others are still very very boring with questions that are half as long as the reading we have to do for the class. Arg. In light of my last comments, I have registered for Winter term classes, i am taking seventeen credits which is one credit short of a maximum load… it should keep me busy, but i seem to do well with classes when I really load them on; or at least that is what I am telling myself now while hoping I follow through later.
My hall is still good, a few problems here and there but all together still good. I went bowling with them Thursday night. Some of the worst games of bowling I have ever played. It is pretty sad when my series high is only 112. As a hall we’ve also gone hiking, watched movies, had little kids come trick-or-treating, it has been kind of fun.

Jessica is good. I like this girl. This picture (blurry due to the crappiness of my scanner) is of Jess was taken at Silver Creek Falls when she came and visited my parents with me up north. I showed her the wonderfulness that is Woodburn, yeah, wonderfulness… that’s it. Silver Creek Falls was fun, while in a tree I happened upon a salamander or a newt, i called him Dionysus (a greek god). Newt, salamander, or greek god, whatever it was it was very neat. Here’s the picture.

Other than newts and salamanders I am waiting for Winter break to come, I really haven’t spent more than two days at my parent’s place since Spring Break, so it will be nice to take some time away from campus. Hopefully while I am away from Eugene I will get to go to Astoria as well as Bend to visit Jessica. More news to come, of course.

when the curtain closes and the rainbow runs away…

First let me explain my last… well… rant. Actually it will be more of an excuse, but you’ll take what I give you, right? –The whole thing with the rant is that I was kind of irked… to be more exact: pissed off. Not at anything or anyone specifically, just situations, circumstances, and the world… stupid world, always being so… stupid. Never-the-less I am all right, this is nothing to get worried about me over, it is just me blowing off some philosophical steam (so to speak.)
On to more present rants… Life is pretty much, well… is. The job is decent, nothing to get overly excited or depressed over. It fills me with a great sense of “eh.” My co-workers on the other hand, I really adore. This summer staff, for the most part, seems to be much more cohesive than my RA staff. I am not saying that my RA staff was bad, rather I am saying that I had some real bonds with a few of my RA staff members. On the other hand my summer staff members seem to be much more inclusive and I have a genuine bond with most of the people on the staff. I am not sure if this is because I am actually being accepted by this group… we go out, we go bowling, we hang out, we wear skirts together (I’ll explain later.) In my last staff I was definitely not a “popular” member of the staff, not to say that I wasn’t liked… but I was not hip to the main clique. It is nice to actually feel like people want me to hang around them, I have this feeling reaffirmed when I have other plans when the staff asks me to do something, they usually give me a hard time about it… but it is all good.
On to the skirts… It is purely for comfort (kidding). Jeff, Curtis, [Chris] Pratt, [Chris] Pratt’s younger brother, and I went bowling. We played four games, I will list the game, the bet, winner, and the out come. -Game 1: Warm up Game. No Bet. -Game 2: Bet: wear skirts to next meeting. Losers: myself & Pratt. We look like gals. -Game 3: Bet: skirts & lipstick, or no skirts. Losers: Curtis & Jeff. No girlie men here. –Ok, let me explain game 4 in more detail. The bet was that the losers would wear skirts to the next meeting. somehow, Curtis had bowled a 70 point game on Game 3, and then in Game 4 Bowled a 187 (ironically in police code that means murder), he had at least 6 strikes. This red-headed twig of a person royally kicked our butt. End result, Pratt and I wore skirts to our meeting today. I had a classy red skirt that came down to my ankles, while Pratt wore a “Catholic School Girl” skirt… I must say that I a very happy I had to long skirt, poor Pratt had to keep his ankles crossed during the whole meeting.
Anyway, soon (6 days) I am going to the Counting Crows concert with Lauren and a friend of hers… that will be fun. Then I am going to watch the parent’s house until they get back… yeah for commuting.