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Switching over

Weighing the cost of webpage hosting versus diapers (did I mention we spent $200 per month on diapers), I’ve abandoned hosting It will, however, flip over to All the content has migrated with it, and it should work fine, especially since it’s free.

And the nominees are…

One of my favorite things about having my own blog that brings in a little bit of traffic, is the weird and inane search terms that bring people the boxofwhine… none of which are my name.   Here are some of the all-time front runners for search terms:


A couple that didn’t make the top list, but still have  a warm place in my heart:

  • Jinky Wells II
  • Funny Cow
  • Skulls

Newly Re-born (again) Website

You’re bearing witness to the rebirth of a website. Box of Whine has seen many changes in its days since its inception about 7 years ago. A big thanks to Derek Rose for his previous design and how well it ran. By updating the website and making it look new, hopefully it will encourage me to post more often.

As time goes on, I’ll be importing the old posts from the previous version… sorry, I’m not so committed to trawl through the comments and repost them, but it was a nice thought.  Thanks for asking.