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Giant Killer Killers

Most points ever given up by the Beavers…. what a shame!

That’s some kind of dangerous

Safeco does not cover “Loss caused directly or indirectly by War, including the following and any consequence of the following:

a. undeclared war, civil war, insurrection, rebellion, or revolution;

b. warlike act by a military force or military personnel; or

c. destruction or seizure or use for military purpose.

Discharge of a nuclear weapon shall be deemed a warlike act even if accidental.”

I can’t decide if this is ridiculous or prudent. But either way, I am defintely sure that if the civil war breaks out again, Safeco is behind it to get out of insuring my house.

ps. Thankfully, if I am storing any grave markers in my house they will be covered up to $3,000. This means I won’t have to get more insurance for my tombstone collection.

this town rips the bones from your back

Horrendously bad Civil War game. ’nuff said.There might be a possible Special Education teaching position here in Lane County. Not sure. Detail to follow.


The Glory that are Paintball Welts.

Its been a while since I have updates, I got swamped with everything at one time, RA stuff, school, and general teenager life. Last night I had such a great time with my residents (as well as the residents from Thorton), we all went to play paintball… I think this was a great activity that I had planned (insert more self congratulations here.) We had such a blast, it is amazing what joy a lot of pain, dirt, and paint can bring to a group of 43 people. I myself got 3 cool battle wounds… er… welts from paintballs, one on my arm, and two on my side; as well as a mouth full of paint when a paintball hit my face mask, did you know that the paint they use is corn starch based, its amazing what you can learn from a mouth full of paint. I’m really enjoying the constant battle stories that my residents are talking about… though, I suspect that 1/3 of them are fabrications, but I won’t burst their bubble. One of my guys (who was on my team) didn’t like the idea that I was shooting him because I couldn’t see anyone on the other team… he said something about making sure I lock my door at night, I didn’t really catch his meaning. I shall have pictures soon of the whole thing, welts and all.
Tonight was a good night, I read a little bit of T.S. Elliot (Then let us go, you and I where the evening spreads out against the sky…), then I ventured out about 10 for a walk about campus to try to see some of the meteors that are supposedly visible tonight (alas, I saw none). I came back, and stopped by Anna and Lindy’s room, and then asked them if they would like to go out for coffee; they said yes, so I treated them to coffee at the Buzz. The Buzz was a ‘happening’ place, they were having an open mic night… Sitting in a coffee house, listening to unknown musicians; this was the image I always possessed of college, it was total Bliss for me.
Tomorrow is the Civil War against Oregon State… I am hopeful we will win, though it really is not a big deal for me (either way I’ll be dealing with resident conduct, of course.) About six of my residents are jumping from a plane tomorrow… they asked me to go along, of course I said I shouldn’t due to lack of funding (and the fact that I don’t want to go out of this world leaving a ten foot crater in some corn field.) This weekend should be fun… or at least I hope it is, because finals are starting to rear their ugly head… as well as a HUGE Metaphysics paper on a topic of my choice, which happens to be why I think there is no “Mind/Body Problem” because the mind and body are one of the same… It should be fun.