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Updated Update

I just spoke with my dad, he’s doing much better.  Slightly sore, but he’s feeling well enough to get up and move around.  I think he’s just happy to be out of the hospital.  Surgery just doesn’t look like fun. 

In other news, at the high school, seniors must do a senior board which is a combination of a research paper and a presentation over the researched topic.  Today was the big day when  all of the seniors present and thankfully, all of my seniors passed.  It had been a grueling two months of work over presentations, papers, and speeches.  Happily, it all paid off. 

Hopefully I took my last post-two-master-degrees graduate class to finish adding a special education endorsement onto my teach license.  I am petitioning Pacific to be forgo my last class, which is about assessment, and move onto the process of having them submit the proper forms to TSPC (Teaching Standards and Parctices Commission) stating that I’ve met their requirements… and then I hope to be done with taking classes until I am interested in becoming an administrator.  We’ll see how it goes. 

By the way, this is the 200th post on box of whine.  I’m not sure if that’s an accomplishment.

my other world is only a half a mile away

I’ve got a little anecdote that is a perfect cross section of what being me is like on a daily basis… here goes:

Halfway through my 6 to 9 pm class the other night, me and some people from my class are on are break coming back from hodgepodge when we see a lady on the ground, she has obviously fallen. Around her is a group of people taking care of her, in one of their arms is a little baby girl who is wailing. In my ‘man-of-action’ way, I ask if they need help, well as it turns out the woman was coming over a curb in the parking lot across from PLC, when she slipped (editor’s note: you may not want to read the next little part if you are easily grossed out -ed), breaking her leg right above the ankle causing both her tibia and fibia to break in a compound fracture. They broke inward with one of the bones threatening to break through the skin of her leg. (ok, you can read from here on out without being grossed out) In my surprisingly calm (and not grossed out, go figure.) manner, I help direct what should happen, calling both the woman’s husband/boyfriend, calling DPS, and trying to keep the woman from going further into shock. When I hear the fire engines coming closer, I run to show them where to go… basically after that, I stay to hear that the woman didn’t fall on her baby and that the baby was just freaked out and not hurt–and I mosey back to class.

That should be the end, but, of course, it wouldn’t be my life if it stopped there. So, I get back to class 30 minutes late and as I am sitting down, I notice that my wallet isn’t in its usual pocket… or any pocket for that matter. So, I excuse myself from my class and run to my car thinking that my wallet could have fallen out there (maybe it was more of a prayer that it had fallen out there). No such luck, no wallet in the car. So I decide to run back to the parking lot at PLC where the previous mayhem previously took place… as I get back the ambulance and fire trucks are just leaving but thankfully, two DPS officers, one of which is Jed, are still there. I walk up to them and explain my situation and ask for help, which they politely gave. About this time it is 8pm, with only an hour left of my class and no daylight left, the DPS officers and I are out in the dark parking lot looking for my dark colored wallet. The whole time we were looking I was calling my roommate at home and on their cell phones, of course, no answer. Since my prayer for my wallet to be in my car was overlooked, I moved on to praying for it to have jumped from my pocket during my various runs through the parking lot. However 20 minutes later, no wallet. Frustrated and defeated, I resign to the notion that this is my punishment for trying to do something good. I am a moment away from calling Jessica and asking her to find the phone numbers of my credit card companies so I can cancel them before no good comes to my credit rating. In one last, vain and useless attempt, I call to my house I get one ring, two rings, three… and then the my stupid voice on the answering machine…. half way through me yelling into the phone, “Hey guys, it’s Wells, Please go upstairs and…..”, Miller picks up the phone with the wailing protest of the speaker of the answering machine. At first I was bitter to his calm and cool, “Hey Wells, what’s up?” So I ask Greg to see if I had forgotten my wallet in my room.” Which he does. With a couple minutes of rooting through papers, I hear “yeah, it was under a bunch of your papers.”

So I figure that the fates or the gods, have your choice, don’t hate me… they just think I’m riot to screw with. Anyways, that’s a day in my life… pretty much every day is a varying degree of noble effort coupled with the mocking trials of my very own reality. In my mind I’m pretty upstanding, but I think I’m just tilting at windmills. sheesh.

Set me free… sleep come free me.

A Summation (of a sort):

Good: Jessica, Graduated, New House, New Roommates, No more “Oh Conan” or “Do you want me to eat it.”, Language Arts Middle/Secondary Grad Program, IVs and drugs that put me to sleep, Ems games, The Sun Also Rises, ENG 300 (Literary Criticism), ENG 392 (American Lit.), 3.22

Bad: Jessica in Redmond for the summer, summer classes, Vanity Fair (900 pages), Wuthering Heights (500 pages), Jude the Obscure (500 pages), Middle March (400 Pages) ENG 322 (Victorian Lit.), duck e. coli, dehydration, vertigo, work, ENG 322

If I’m well you can tell she’s been with me now

Excluding German 201, things are going good, well, relatively. I have now come to the conclusion (in my waning months of my senior year) that I have chosen the wrong major for myself, this isn’t to say that Philosophy isn’t super-fantastic, because it is, but it is not as super-fantastic Education or Special Education. Ironically, in the remaining three terms I have left at the University of Oregon I think i have found my calling, I’ve always been a late bloomer, so why does this surprise me? So as you may have guessed I am taking a Special Education (SPED) and an Education (ED) class and I and I feel as though I am extremely successful at them. I may be getting my second and third ‘A’s of my college career (also ironic, my first ‘A’ was achieved in the first term of my Freshman year.) I can easily understand the material, the reading is engaging (oh, and 14th century Jewish philosophy isn’t fun reading?) so I think i might have made a small mistake being a Philosophy major, I should have gone with my life long gut feeling of education. Any road….
So I’ve hurt myself again, while playing racquetball I went flying backwards into a wall, making for a spectacular pup on my back. To make a long and quite unspectacular story short, the doctors aren’t sure yet what I did to my ribs except that they hurt and that I needed strong pain killers. On the subject of pain killers, may i just say that as a person who doesn’t sleep well, these are a small little angles with Vicodin stamped on them. So needless to say the last couple of days I’ve been very well rested.
I’ve come to the conclusion that i enjoy living by myself, lets just put it this way: I can be the master of my own domain. My messes are my own and therefore i’m not as disgusted cleaning them up. I don’t think I was meant to live with people who I’m not particularly close to… There is just something wrong about cutting a tube of sausage and then leaving both the wrapper and the knife out on the counter all day, needless to say, it wasn’t my sausage. ick. If I try the path of good naturedness and understanding means I’m a good person right? Or a Schmuck?
Finally, its really nice to see two parts of your life fit together so well. I really enjoy seeing Jessica hanging around with my family. First, it was my sister came and stayed with me for a couple of days, we played mini golf, played video games (which i kicked her butt at Dance Dance Revolution), and had a somewhat impromptu parade. Jessica and Meagan seem to really enjoy each other’s company, especially when it comes to making fun of me, which is fine by me because it is a sign of respect or at least admiration… or so I’m told. And then when Jessica and I spent the day with my mom, it just feels like one big family… i wish my family liked me as much as they liked Jessica, but you’ve got to take what you can get. I don’t think i realized how important my family’s feelings about my girlfriend were until (I finally got a girlfriend) saw Jessica with everyone of my family members and how much they liked and adored her. Best chance I ever took.

all right, Vicodin is kicking in, time for bed.

Look in my eyes and you can see that’s true

I apologize for the very sparse updates, but at least I get them up more often than some people i know. chris pratt. I like two of my three classes this term but i am just not enjoying school this year, maybe it is the threat of graduating that is ruining it for me. I could always combat this with switching my major, then I’d be like most of my friends and would get to graduate in 5-7 years. All I do is work, go to school, try to do my homeword, try to do my reading, run, and then try to sleep. I think I want to revert back to about the age of six, stuff was much more fun, school was entertaining (when I wasn’t getting trouble), riding my bike was my entertainment for the hours after school until dinner, and my hair was straight, and my matchbox cars were the venue for the rest of the evening. I think if I get a free afternoon i may revamp this website… or not, its more of “wait and see” coupled with “don’t want to do anything significantly productive.” Until my life picks up something exciting…

how i hate to remember/for that means the day is past

Thankfully it seems as though the summer is passing quickly, which is all I have asked for lately. I think this is the first time on record that I have asked for the speedy passage of summertime but can you really blame me? In two days Jessica makes her triumphant return back to the United States after he LONG extended stay in Mexico, I’ve been in more anticipation over her return than my 21st birthday. How do you like them priorities! I am happily picking up Jessica at the Portland Airport and driving her to Bend then I have two days with her, then it is another month until I get to see her face to face. This is why I am wishing and hoping for the School year, I can see my girlfriend on a regular basis, what a concept.
I have to say, i have one of the most mind-numbing jobs ever, I knew this when I applied for the job but it still gets to me. If it weren’t for the wonderful gift that is the internet I would have taken up the sport of drooling while at work. This summer is nothing like last summer, I really really enjoyed last summer; we as a stuff hung out on a regular basis and actually stuck together as a team. That is the number one component missing this summer, everyone seems to have their own big chip on their shoulder and it is nicely displayed to everyone.
Being a senior in a freshman class is some what awkward, especially when a good portion of the class are previous residents. I have two people in my Writing class that were past residents of mine, while we introducing ourselves both of them had to note that I was their R.A. and that I had gotten the both of in trouble. The professor laughed and said that their statement of me getting them in trouble was interesting. oh well. Summer is almost over.

Everybody’s looking for Somebody’s arms to fall into

By some magical force unbeknown to me I seem to update every month to the day of the last update… strange. Currently I am rounding out Winter term, don’t worry German is still the bane of my existence but regardless I still manage to get a B+ on a quiz. Luck of the unlucky I guess. Things that are occupying my mind currently: school, roommate(s), house, summer. All of these things combined and multiplied to make an entertaining display of physical sickness and mental malaise. I know that once I have this summer and next year figured out (at least housing wise) that I can relax. i just need to know who I am going to live with as well as where, after that everything should fall into place. This summer should be interesting I am still waiting on to see if i have the Summer Desk Assistant position (which i may be interviewing for tomorrow), the stressful thing is that there are 6 positions open with 24 (if not more) applicants. The only thing that keeps me some-what confident is that I am the only applicant that has been a Conference Assistant and an Resident Assistant both of which the DA job encompasses. If by some remarkable force that my summer does come out as planned then i think it should be a really good summer… the only drawback: no Jessica. Anyways, other than that long list of gripes things are relatively decent for me, in the short view of things Finals are on the horizon after that Spring break. We’ll see how I do.

…a bad day is when I lie in bed and think of things that might have been

Well the leaves have turned color and are threatening to coat the sidewalks, around the corner is what every kid here waits for with anticipation… causing late nights of thinking, asking themselves I wonder how big they will be? What will I get? …Of course I am talking about finals. I am not sure if time speeds up as you grow older but it sure seems as though time is whipping past me, I don’t see that as a necessarily good thing. Does this increase as you get older? If so, when I am forty that will make my days feel like two and a half hours long. At least my meals will be close together. I was looking at my transcripts of my college career, I am amazed how close I am to being done with my undergraduate degree. That is almost scary, its more of a mixture of wonderment and nervousness.

It has been a while since I have updated this web page… I’ve been a busy boy, writing papers like a mad man but that’s ok by me, seeing as I have no actual midterms or finals. Some classes are still all right, others are still very very boring with questions that are half as long as the reading we have to do for the class. Arg. In light of my last comments, I have registered for Winter term classes, i am taking seventeen credits which is one credit short of a maximum load… it should keep me busy, but i seem to do well with classes when I really load them on; or at least that is what I am telling myself now while hoping I follow through later.
My hall is still good, a few problems here and there but all together still good. I went bowling with them Thursday night. Some of the worst games of bowling I have ever played. It is pretty sad when my series high is only 112. As a hall we’ve also gone hiking, watched movies, had little kids come trick-or-treating, it has been kind of fun.

Jessica is good. I like this girl. This picture (blurry due to the crappiness of my scanner) is of Jess was taken at Silver Creek Falls when she came and visited my parents with me up north. I showed her the wonderfulness that is Woodburn, yeah, wonderfulness… that’s it. Silver Creek Falls was fun, while in a tree I happened upon a salamander or a newt, i called him Dionysus (a greek god). Newt, salamander, or greek god, whatever it was it was very neat. Here’s the picture.

Other than newts and salamanders I am waiting for Winter break to come, I really haven’t spent more than two days at my parent’s place since Spring Break, so it will be nice to take some time away from campus. Hopefully while I am away from Eugene I will get to go to Astoria as well as Bend to visit Jessica. More news to come, of course.

I’m no Paul Simon, but my Garfunkel is pretty good.

Its been a while since I’ve updated… oh well, I guess I was too busy living… or playing video games, one or the other. No, but seriously folks, things are pretty good. I have been having fun, been spending a lot of time out of my 11′ x 15′ enclosure. I think that’s more in part to my friends… I had a really nice time by one of the fountains with Lauren, just sipping coffee and talking about what evercame to mind… my true vision of my college years. Speaking od the true vision of my college years, Lauren, Brian, and I ventured to Saturday Market, I think I am going to try and make it there more often. I really feel comfortable there, good food, good people, good vibes… it really assures me that I am in the right city. Last week Shelby and I went out to the Glennwood restaurant, and may I just note how good ‘off-campus’ food is… its… its… so not campus food, and for that it deserves my praises. Oh yeah, the company was great too; I really appreciate a great conversation (that never touches on the topic of school or work) accompanies by a warm meal, my personal state of tranquility.
About 8 days ago, I saw Woody Harrelson speak in the EMU amphitheater, first off, I agree with a lot of his stances on the environment, but I wasn’t there to support the marijuana position (not that I have a problem with marijuana, I don’t, I just believe there are more important issues to take on, now back to the update) that he has been known to take. I was prepared to leave if it was going to be one big parade of da’ ganja… but actually, he barely touched on it, so I stayed. What was really interesting is that he had a huge bus that was ran totally by solar power and hemp oil… kind of smart if you ask me.
School is good, at times I feel my Philosophy 421 class is a bit over my head, but when I get the grades back on my papers, they make me feel a little bit better about my comprehension. Oh yeah, I am now parading my B+ in Astronomy, for a semi-boring class the time I spend awake in it seems to be paying off. Maybe I should try staying awake more often… or, actually, I may have found the right mixture of consciencesness and unconsciousness.
I went with Lauren to look at a house she wanted for next year, and I realized how much I actually want a house. I need a decent sized house with a nice big kitchen so I can get a big ‘ol puppy and he can sleep in there during the day, and in my room at night. It would also be a treat to know what’s going into my food… but nay, at least one more year in the dorms (or if you want to be official: “Residence Hall”… there’s the last shred of my RA training.) I think it would be nice to live away from campus, I did it for a summer and I liked it, if I was to do it again, though, I would find some cleaner roommates. And the final bonus of living off campus: to be at home without fire alarms, having to write people up, or tell them to be quiet.`
Speaking of telling people to be quiet, I find out next week what complex I will be working in for next year (bean bean bean bean bean, please), I am hoping for Bean complex again, I like the rounds, the big staff, and sometimes the residents. Also next week, we get to give some input on the newbies, or new hires as their called… I like that I get to help choose my staff for next year, should be fun.
And finally tonight, I would like to converse on the prospect of this summer. I’m still looking forward to it (they haven’t beaten it out of me… yet) like I’ve said in previous updates, I really like a lot of the people I’ll be working with, an plus it will be nice to just work, and not be taking classes, a change in pace, none-the-less. Eric Clapton is coming to Portland on my birthday, and Lauren, Chris, and I, have been talking about going, I think that would be fun. The other musical event that is coming soon is Counting Crows… that really sounds like fun. Last I heard, at least Lauren and myself have decided (well, its not really a decision, its more like a given) to go. Another aspect to make this summer, at least, fun. We’ll see. Until then…   

My hands and eyes are numb…

Wow, so much reading and writing of papers (20-25 papers) this term, it may effect the updating of this webpage, so I thought I would take it upon myself to revamp the webpage for you, my loyal patron. If you notice, I’ve redone the left hand frame, added a few things, and took out a few others. What I have added is an archive section, so I can archive old updates, hopefully keeping this page loading semi-quick for you at home, non T3 users (ha ha Dad). I’ve also added a friends section, to honor the people I hold close, as well as a source for you, the valued reader, to reference whom I am speaking of, when I regale you with my stories. By the way, if you do not see yourself up there, it is probably due to the fact that I don’t have a picture of you, so send me one, and wait and see if you get up there (if you are lucky). The things I took away are of no real consequence, so I won’t bother listing them (that’s why they are gone.) Life has been pretty neat lately, the most notable thing is that I kept my head above the murky waters of the GPA swamp. Classes this term are going to keep me on my toes, but I’m not complaining… I’ve been really looking forward to my creative writing class, I’ve already written an interesting piece that is a dialectic, this is something I’ve never really tried before, and so far I am pleased. I’ve got some really cool plans for my hall in the way of programming, mostly trips, but I am looking forward to our trip to Mt. St. Helens, fun times. Well, I’ll leave you with this last picture, taken by one of my residents… hey, its me in a suit, never figured I would look so classy, of course, now my hair is a lot shorter (some might say too short, me being one of those.) Until next time…