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like a stone i’ll wait for you there

3/7 – Grove to the ‘Burn = ~100 miles

3/9 – ‘Burn to Grove = ~100 miles

3/10 – Grove to Bend = ~125 miles

3/11 – Bend to Grove = ~125 miles

3/14 – Grove to the ‘Burn = ~100 miles

3/15 – ‘Burn to Eugene to Beaverton to Grove = ~300 miles

Total driving done in 8 days = too much (850 miles)

As you can tell, I’ve been fairly mobile for the past week. The week finished off with moving my sister into her new apartment in Beaverton. She officially completed college in 3.5 years and is waiting to hear about her acceptance into the Masters of Social Work program at Portland State.

The worst part of moving her wasn’t the flights of stairs, or the ridiculous amount of stuff she has (although she falsely advocates that I had more stuff in comparison at the same stage), or even the hours spent on I-5… rather, it was trying to get her new, fancy couch into her new apartment. We first tried to angle it in: no go. Flip it on it’s side, angle it in: nope. Take the hinges of the door and angle it in while its flipped on its side: uh-uh. Angling the back half upwards and jam it in: no way.

After thirty minutes, we found a solution (that didn’t include an ax): rotate the couch on its side, take off the 1/2 inch feet of the couch, slight incline on the back side, angled at a forty-five degree angle, and some pushes down the fluff on the top of the couch. Still, some paint did transfer onto the couch. Had the door jam been just an atom or two smaller, or had the couch been stuffed with just a little more fluff, Meg would of had a hallway couch. I think it’s furniture like that couch, that turn apartments from unfurnished to furnished because nobody wants try and move it out. Sorry Meg, but it’s staying.

This is the week leading up to spring break… just in the nick of time.

Hey, here’s a picture:

Reluctant Great Aqua-Dane