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‘Cause the truth you might be running from is so small

Well, it has been a long while since I last wrote on the webpage, I blame this solely on moving, finals, papers, working, and now commuting. Since my last update i have moved into my new apartment (read this as: off campus), I now own a vehicle (’97 CRV)… but the worst of all is that Jessica has been in Mexico for three weeks now with three weeks to go. Add to this that everyone else is out of the country, my parents and Meagan have gone, once again, to Newfoundland. Because of this i rarely have human contact except from work and the occasional trip to the supermarket. I have also been running four times a week and according to my calculations, in June I ran about forty miles. Not bad if i say so myself.
As it is summer which means that another academic year has come to a close which for me means not only no school for a while but also that i am now a Senior. I am a mere forty credits away from graduating with my B.A., I find this astounding because I remember just like yesterday moving into the dorms and here i am almost done with school. Time sure has flown by, i hope the rest of my life isn’t this quick to pass by.
In late August I am making a guest appearance in New York State, which should be fun… i have always wanted to go to New York City so I will be meeting up with my friend Greg (From W. Falls), I’ll send post cards. Other than that my life is pretty mundane right now… I expect life to pick up a little bit more when people start coming back from outside of the country, mainly Jessica. Until then…