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Switzerland, not Sweden

Although my mom has said on many occasions, “How come in Sweden…” we’re still in Switzerland. We had a great day, went out to Stansstad, walked around, went to Glacier Museum (which only contained 10% glacier), and saw a remarkable rainbow just after dinner. Switzerland is just simply amazing, we have yet to have a bad dinner (or yet to have a bad hot dog in baguette).

Contrary to what I would have usually done, we went to the Glacier Museum and it had a hall of mirrors. Had everyone else not been so interested in it, I probably wouldn’t have gone. Luckily, I wasn’t in charge. As I learned, the the hall was over 100 years old and it was fantastically done. The mirrors were so clean and so well positioned, there was one time I was hurrying through the halls and I had to come to a screeching halt when I almost ran into myself… I distinctly thought, “damn, I almost ran into that guy.” We like it so much we went through twice.

Overall, we’re having a great time. I really love the overall feeling and tenor of being in Europe. They have a lot of things right here. The transportation. the structure of society, the government subsidized beer. The US could learn a lot, but it they are going to subsidize beer, please… no budwieser.

just look at that girl with that light comin’ up in her eyes

What a night! Jessica and I had a whirl-wind evening. We went to the most expensive resturant in Eugene and we didn’t hold back. Nothing feels better at the end of the night than knowing you just ate a $30 plate of food. Mixed with a beer, coffee, and cheesecake. Not neccearily together. The only reason we were able to experience such splendor sans parents was thanks to my aunt Beth who gave a massive gift certificate to Jess for all of her help catering Beth’s wedding. It was nice to get only a $19.90 check at the end of the night.

Other news: First game of the U of O football season kicks off on Saturday. I cannot wait… section 24, row 11 here I come. I can’t wait to see Indiana go down.

Still waiting on the certification of my teacher’s lisence… I’m slightly jealous because most of my friends are just not ending their first week as real teachers. Another year of waiting for me. Oh Well.

By the way, the people have spoken and Chris Pratt has won the lead position in the Wells Fan Club with a landslide of one vote over me. Please see him for further details. In his honor, this picture has been erected.

Pratt King of the Fan Club