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Giant Killer Killers

Most points ever given up by the Beavers…. what a shame!

The University of Scallop Burritos

…is who came to play against the USC Trojans this past weekend.  My dad and I flew down to see the game and hang out with his friend Jerry.  I was surprised that the USC fans were so polite, we were only booed once and it was actually in fairly good taste (as good as booing can be).  I expected a little more than what we saw.  The USC campus was very nice and equally as large.  What I liked was that as we walked around campus, people were tailgating all over, it showed a lot of community support as well as tie in with the university.The game was a mangled head up of spread offense.  The worst part wasn’t that we lost, rather, that we had that glimmer of hope that came with the first touchdown.  After that it was that nauseating repetitious beating of the ducks.

To ease our pain, we filled out bellies.  We were frequent patrons at Senior Fish, often, I found myself knee-deep in Scallop a scallop burrito.  They had the most fantastic salsas, there is a chance I might try to replicate the fresh salsa, it was so good I could have eaten it solo by the spoonful. Don’t get me wrong, the scallop is one tasty bivalve.

Other than watching our beloved ducks being creamed, we hung out at Jerry’s sipping fine Mexican importsm admiring his new porch, and making crude but slightly insightful jokes.

Once back from the Portland Airport, I gathered up my few remaining things and jumped into my car to be Grove-bound only to find that my hobby-needing mother had plastered, hid, tucked, wrapped, and nestled a something that had to do with USC throughout my car.  In my gum, on my blood donation key chain, on my side mirror, between seats… and there are still more to find I am sure.  As she states it, that was payback for the many trips to restaurants where I semi-steal a spoon, apples, toothpicks, crayons, or honey packet and drop them into her purse.  For some reason, she never finds the hidden goodies until she is out of state teaching a class.  I just want her to be prepared.  That aside, at 11pm on Sunday, I was safely back in the Grove, another weekend gone, but wisely utilized.

Sorry, the quality isn’t fantastic, it’s a cellphone camera, what do you expect?

Drop off the Key, Lee… Set Yourself Free

Not much to report, been kind of a slow news week. But I’ll give it a shot:

-Went to the Oregon vs. UCLA Basketball game, I forgot how much I love Mac Court. I still think it would be a shame to replace it. In the spirit of U of O athletics, they lost in the remaining minute of the game. Regardless, I had a good time with Dad and Meg.

-Near the End of next month, I will be on my way down to Reno for a Football Coaches Conference; I’ll be specializing on the defensive line. I’ll be down there for two nights, myself and about 8 other coaches are riding down for the 9+ hour drive (reminiscent of the 10+ hour drive to San Francisco).

-I am still getting up every morning and am at the high school weight room by 6:30.

-Heading to the ‘Burn this weekend, haven’t been home since the holiday season.

-Half way though the school year, counting down the days. I think teachers are giddier about the end of the school year than the kids. Or at least I am.

Not much else happening, I’ll keep your briefed on all the mundane details.

how does it feel to be on your own?

I’m in seclusion. My human contact is limited to my trips to safeway every other day. It is kind of nice having my world be quite and manageable.Not much has been going on, went to the U of O football season opener. We won’t discuss how it turned out. But I do have to mention, that it is amazing to have seats that are about four rows back from field. We’re right over the play-clock on the right side of the field across from duckvision. However, it did seem to be the geriatric section. For most of the people there, my age could divide into theirs at least three times. Contrary to the saying, it does rain at Autzen stadium and it did so during the game. I was drenched, but thanks to my super powers of being a human furnace, I was dry long before the disappointing, disheartening, no moral victory here, ending. It was fun though.

That following Monday made a trip to the Doggie Dip. This is a yearly event where they open up the Clackamas pool to dogs. All sorts of dogs were jumping into the pool, running through the waves, chasing down tennis balls in the water. And then there is my parents’ dog, Tolley, who managed to stay out of the pool the entire time. Driest dog at the pool. it’s so shameful. Even the bulldog wearing a life doggie-life preserver was in the pool. Anyways, there were two therapy dogs at the swim–they were some of the most placid, calmest dogs I have ever met. Here’s a picture of me getting some therapy. Don’t be fooled, despite the badge, these aren’t attack dogs. At least, I don’t think they were therapy attack dogs. But, you know that isn’t a bad idea–after these dogs track down and wrestle the bad guys to the ground, they can visit them in the hospital when they are recovering from their bites. Enjoy.