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Race for Less… update

I’m chugging along, it seems like I’ve caught a second wind:

Starting weight: 300 pounds

Current weight: 220.5 pounds

Total weight loss: 79.5 pounds

Total percentage: -26.5%

Original BMI: 37.5 = Obese

Current BMI: 27.5 Overweight (24.9 or less is ideal)

Despite not being able to run, I’ve really taken off this week.  Less than two weeks ago I hit 224, and I’m nearly four pounds lighter today.  It probably also helps that I worked out right after waking up, burning over 1,300 calories and probably buckets of sweat before weighing in… but it’s all good.

On the exercise front, I had been stymied by my foot problem, but after two appointments and an MRI, it looks like a resolution may be in progress.  There is definitely no fracture.  The bone is stressed but with the orthotic inserts that I’ll be fitted with for running will turn all of that force on the outside of my foot and even it out.  I can ease back into my running starting off with 15 minute runs and adding 5 minutes back into it every other time I run.

The thing that had been holding me back the past month was my eating, I found that I was snacking a lot more and not able to turn down food offered to me… and free food always taste so much better than regular food.  Another issue was that Jess and I had been doing a little more baking, and I’m sucker for bread.  It’s like yeast crack.  So we’ve stopped doing that which has greatly helped me.

Also having to do with food, I did something the other day that I’ve never done before… and it was actually a good thing.  On Friday, I had a doctor’s appointment and I had time that morning to run back to our house before I went to work.  While I was there, I snacked a little bit on some left over ham that we had barbecued for the previous night.  After a short crossword session, I headed for school.

Two hours after I arrived at school, it was time for lunch.  I sat down, pulled out my ham sandwich (notice a theme?) and two oranges.  Only, I wasn’t all that hungry.  Usually, I would have thought about it and eventually convinced myself to eat everything that was in front of me (and sometimes some perimeter food).  But not today, I halved my sandwich and gave both halves away.  I was content with just my oranges.  There was a certain sense of pride about giving the sandwich away; even though it was not a unhealthy meal or high in calories.  I just wasn’t hungry.  It was a change in philosophy: just because it’s there, doesn’t mean I have to eat it.  It won’t be offended if I don’t consume it, as long as it’s not being thrown away, it’s not a waste.

Pat on the back, self-high five, self-terrorist fist bump.

The race for a little less… Update

I’m still steadily chugging along with my eating and exercise plan.  As of two minutes ago, I weighed in at 252 pounds.  That’s an over all weight loss of 48 pounds, or  16% of my original body weight.  I’m almost a size and half smaller in my pants and a size smaller in my shirt, it is nice to only see one “X” attached to your clothing.  I have 22 pounds until my I reach my original goal and at least 52 pounds to get to my personal goal.  It would be nuts if I tipped the scales at 200 pounds, that would mean I was only 15 pounds off of my calculated “ideal” weight.

A side benefit from all of this, I’m now running a faster mile time than I ever have, even considering high school and middle school.  Last week, I ran a 8:37 mile and today I cut it down to 8:26.  The biggest consideration for the near future is continuing with my quantity control while on our trip.  I know the intense workouts will fade for a couple of weeks, but there will be a lot of walking and hiking (especially in the Alps!) taking place.  I’ll definitely have to compensate the lack of hard work outs with a lack of hard eating.

Maybe I could get to the point where I put up a shirtless picture of myself… ah, yes, that would effectively assassinate the loyal readership of Box of Whine.  I don’t think that will happen.