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Do you remember when we first met? I sure do

Sitting on the uncomfortable little split couch in Parsons Hall watching a movie on this day, eight years ago at 11:42 at night–Jess and I officially became a couple.  If you had asked me in that moment what I thought my life would be like eight years down the road, I’m sure you would have received a bumbling answer that would have have no clue to the many joys we’ve had together, the hard times we’ve been there for each other, and the compounding memories that are always perched on the very tips of our noses.

As well, I know that I wouldn’t have been able to say that this shy, intelligent, and stunningly beautiful woman would literally expand the horizons of my world to new things beyond, force me to try new things and to trust myself.

In my best and worst moments, she is a constant–be it a laugh, a surprisingly strong hug, a correction, a sounding board, a travel buddy and so much more.  No longer do I question if I am good enough for her–I know I am–but the real question is, what good have I done for her today or right now in this moment?

As we have gone through these eight years together, we’ve noticed plenty of 28’s, like my first apartment with which the wood grain made a heart on the back of the door.  Jess, I look forward to finding many more twenty-eights and having your hand in mine for many more multiples of eights.  It’s all for you, babe.

Love ya and thank you.