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The finality of the situation

At the high school we’re admist the last two days of school which are taken up by 90-minute periods for finals.  My juniors and seniors have a final over the play-version of 12 Angry Men, and my sophomores are giving their “How-To” speeches.  This term had been the first time that I had my juniors and seniors read a long, drawn out play; surprisingly they really liked it.  I’m not sure if it was because it was a courtroom drama or the many undertones of racism, economic division, and murder.  The proof that they really understood and liked the play came with the final; usually there are people who struggle through the final and skip questions.  Out of all of my juniors and seniors, only one question was skipped. 

We’ll have to see how my sophomores do tomorrow; the good thing about about the “How-To” speeches are that the majority of the students tend to make something to eat.  This year we have a milkshake, smoothie, turkey/ham sandwhich, top ramen, and a rootbeer float for speech topics.  The students always get into these speeches because it is far more interesting for them to watch than a regular old expository speech, although, they do get a certain amount of devilish enjoyment out of seeing people squirm and writhe with the impromptu speeches. 

In all seriousness, I don’t think I am prepared for this school year to end.  It snuck up on me from behind.  For some sick, unhealthy reason, I’m kind of at a loss for this school year to be through.  Of course, I am looking forward to summer and the time off, but I have always enjoyed being around my students (for the most part) and I look forward to seeing them on a daily basis.  But that’s alright, there are 83 days left until school retarts. 

He’s trying hard to forget what is hard to remember?

Finals are over. Not my finals (not that I had any), but correcting well over 120 student finals. If you’ve got any questions over To Kill a Mockingbird or Harold and Maude now would be the best time to get answers.

Speaking of school, it is amazing how some kids are boundlessly cruel. The effort that they put forth into torturing other students is endless. I just wish that some of those kids could have put at least a fraction of their harassment energy into their school energy–maybe then I wouldn’t have to watch them cry when they find out they aren’t going to pass.

Well, I’m done at Thurston High School. Today is my last day, I’m going to return all of the books I have, eat a little BBQ in their courtyard and then punish the student who inspired the previous rant. I thought it was especially crafty of me to get her to come into school on the first day of summer. and the day after her birthday. This is why you shouldn’t be cruel.

One Week Void of Responsibility…

Stupid finals, you go squish now. Actually, they have gone squish, and hopefully, they squished well… or at least, I completed them well. Winter term is now over, good bye Astronomy, I will never forget the many naps you provided me with. Anyways… On to happier topics, like spring break. The first three days I will be down in Eugene, doing the RA (hired narc) thing… because of this you can expect some changes to the webpage, that is if I wake up. But seriously folks, I do plan on waking up, hopefully spending some time with some very cool people, one of those being my new favorite staff member… and if anyone asks, she can philosophize. With every passing day I get more excited about this summer, [Editor’s note: Mom, you may not want to read this] yes, not going to Woodburn is a bonus, though I will miss the whole Woodburn experience, it will be nice to remain a actual bachelor; but even more, a lot of my friends are going to be around… I definitely see good times ahead. And oh yes, I will camp, mark my words, I will camp. I will keep this update short and semi-sweet because I will probably add more within a couple of days. Stay tuned.

Take That, Finals!

I have conquered the beast that is finals… a noteworthy accomplishment… I kicked some butt on 20th Century Final, which I was sure I was going to bomb with the best of grace, but nay, I come out on top. I now have until the 11th to relax and work, basically I sit around and go on one set of RA rounds; and that is worth $40 a day to the University…. good enough for me. After that it is off to home, where I will be staying at the luxurious Wells Family Inn… I’ve got the Chris Wells suite. It will be nice to sleep in a bed that I am smaller than, thought I will miss waking up with my arm numb from it hanging over the side of the bed. I think the good food at home will spoil me for dorm food, but I am willing to make that sacrifice.
After my brief stay in Woodburn it is off to wonderful Victoria B.C., my first road trip… and to top it off I get to see two of my favorite bands at the Icehouse in downtown Victoria, I am definitely looking forward to that. Then it is back to Woodburn until the 4th or the 5th of January than its back to school… On a final note, I ran into a previous Creative Writing professor of mine, and she asked me to sign up for a 400-level Fiction Writing course that she is teaching in spring term… I will, of course, accept, any chance to write fiction I will jump at the chance.

One Final and counting…

I thought I would take some of my very rare free time to update the webpage since I have gotten back the paintball pictures. The week of finals still continues, its not fun having to tell people to be quiet at 2 in the afternoon, because of 24 hour quiet hours… but I’ll manage. I have finished my Philosophy 170 final, as well as my paper for Philosophy 350, now only the dreaded English 394 final left… If there is going to be one class in my university career that I will remember that I really did not like, this would be the one… oh how I loath this class… all my other ones are really good… this one, to put it into simple language: blows. My ankle is doing better (sorry now pictures this time), it still hurts, and I’m still stuck in the ankle brace, which is not fun, but I imagine that I’ll be back to normal with in a couple of weeks.
On a better note; I have registered for classes for Winter term classes, I will be taking Environmental Philosophy, History of Modern Philosophy, Social Inequalities, and Astronomy (which I call Stars for jocks… its a pun off of Geology being called rocks for jocks, if you need it explained further, email me, and I’ll do so.) Hopefully this will be a successful term, I have a lot of friends in my classes, which will be nice for a change. My job has been intense lately, one conflict which really tested me and landed a guy some charges for harassment of a University official; and then the other night a girl sliced her finger almost to the bone, with a knife… interesting times to say the least.