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Most Trying week… ever.

Like the title says, this has been the most trying week I have ever been through… on a serious note, if you have been watching the news (in the Portland Area), we had a resident die from Meningitis; not one of my residents. This has hit everyone really hard, a couple of my residents knew her, so we are trying to help them through this. Its quite sad, but for some people, this might but things into perspective. Everything bad seems to converge at one point in time; mid-terms, the job, and the general atmosphere has shifted to a less than positive light… but things will and are getting better. On a positive note, my staff celebrated my half-birthday 3 days ago, I got two cheese cakes and a huge card that the staff signed. It was kind of nice, especially on Wednesday, the worst time of my bad week. Also another birthday was celebrated on Sunday, Emily, one of our residents was surprised with a party Sunday night, because of that party I have a picture of the ladies of Ganoe (most of them). <!–[if !vml]–><!–[endif]–>– This was taken in the Ganoe Lounge, about 11:30 at night… I was the one taking the pictures.Next update should be more happy.