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Nowhere near godliness

As Jessica and my mom routinely discuss, I am not the cleanest of individuals. I shower everday (for the most part), I change my clothes at least once a day and I’ve even been known clean up after myself. My current cleaning battle has to do with the reusable tupperware-ish containers with which I bring my lunch to school. Every day, I have my lunch in the teacher’s lounge, close up my container once I’m done and bring it and my fork back to my classroom. The problem lies in my ability to take the empty container from my desk to back home. Right now, I only have a couple of containers sitting next to my computer, but there have been times when I’ve had to use a small garbage bag to bring home all of my containers.

The sheer number of containers is only the smallest problem, the real crux is the length of time that they sit on my desk turning into little bio-dome’s (not the Pauly Shore movie) and sweat until I finally become grossed out enough to take them home. After that, when I open them up to wash them (because Jess refuses to touch them) the pungent odor gives me a bad case of whip-lash. You would think I would not inhale through my nose but it is one of those situations where you just got to know what it smells like. Just like having someone punch you in the arm as hard as they can, except, these are to the inside of my nose.

At least I pick up my socks at home, I have made progress.