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I don’t care how you get here…

The top search queries that bring people to Box of Whine are:

  • whine photo
  • biceps pain racquetball
  • what is the residue left on hands by oranges?

Ok… the first one I can understand, even the racquetball search I can rationalize because I have made a bunch of racquetball posts.  But the last one, that’s mistifying.  I don’t think I’ve ever talked about the reside left on my hands by oranges.  I think that’s called orange juice, isn’t it?

…some people call me Maurice

A rather depressing fact:
Jinky Wells II ranks higher than me (page 22)in a google search for my name. I still haven’t found me.…and jinky is a teddy bear. There’s a metaphor if I’ve ever seen one.


give me seven half built manors

I’m feelin’ the way, the only search that brought someone to my webpage: “danish whine“. I recommend a nice merlot, something light and airy that complements a frosted morning pastry