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but the hills of Iowa make me wish that I could

I woke up with an interesting notion this morning. The wedding is exactly two months away. With everyday I get a little more excited, a little more “grown-up” feeling. Let alone the amazement that some would date me for almost four years, let alone trade vows and rings. But I’m very lucky, Jess is a great person–hopefully she can help me to become more mature (or as she puts it, keeping my laundry off of my bedroom floor). Personally, I think I’m getting the better deal, she’s calm, organized, clean, and anything by chaotic. I can at least cook.I can’t wait until the wedding, mostly to see the wedding dress, since Jess has initiated a media blackout on the details of her dress, all except that it’s white. It will be fun, there will be a lot of people that I haven’t seen in a long time, lots of friends and some distant family members… although, most people there will have the last name Hanson or will be directly related to a Hanson. I’ve been working on a web page to organize the detail of the wedding, it’s not near completion, but it’s up, take a gander: I promise to get more done on it. As well, let me know what you think.

As I figure it, this is kind of a culminating party for the first quarter of my life. Nothing says welcome to being an adult like a wife, a new job, and fistful of degrees to launch in to the next chapter.

Tomorrow, I’ll be even more excited.


Never have to worry ’bout what is worse, what is best

Heat and homework have left me to this. I can’t wait to be done with school, all grown up like–staying up as late I want, eating all the junk food that I can handle. I could get my own apartment in NYC, and I could work for a game company starting out working computers and then do a little playing around in the toystore and then get bumped into toy research and development. Oh wait, that was Big, and I’m no Tom Hanks… maybe an older Kevin Kline from Life as a House, not the Kevin Kline of Wild Wild West.

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I think the greatest missing factor of my life is the constant, uncomplicated, affection and love of a big dog. Need me one. or three.