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Red all over…

This weekend Jess and I went to her parents’ ranch.  And, as it annual happens, I’ve come back sun-burned.  Even with the rain and clouds, I get burned.  Damn my poreclain-like complexion. 

We had a good weekend, we got to help out a lot around the Ranch.  On Saturday, we cleaned up a lot of the trees.  And by “cleaned” I mean pulled some down, cut some up and burned a lot of them.  There’s nothing like chainsawing in the bucket of a tractor… kind of a new expereince.  Although my favorite was helping to chainup and pull entire trees across a field with the tractor.  Kind of makes you feel more like a man… well, at least it would of if Jess had let me drive the tractor (with my trackrecord with cluthes and transmissions, it is no wonder she didn’t). 

On Sunday, we sorted their two herds of cattle, treated a couple cows, and tagged two brand new calfs, once of which was nice enough to stamp down on my foot.  But honestly, I can’t blame him… If I was a day old and someone was trying to manhandle (cowhandle?) me I think I’d do a lot of stamping.  Beside the hoof to foot contact, I really enjoy working with the cattle.  There’s something almost peaceful about them, plus they are far more predictable than the horses.  Horses are just too flighty for me, plus in the past, they’ve bucked me off and kicked me… I’m not one to hand around an abusive relationship. 

Not counting today, there are exactly 8 days left of school.  It is remarkable how quick this year has move through.  Many people have said, “Well, it’s because you’re getting older.”  Personally, I hope that’s not the case, because I’m only 26 now, if this aging thing continues, I’ll be at light-speed in no time. 

Unfortunately (more for the students than me), being sunburned and somewhat tired has given me a sour disposition today, although it doesn’t help that after a two-day weekend, it seems that the students forget everything we’ve been doing for the past three weeks.  Schedules, out the window.  Routines, what routines?  Just kind of frustrating… not to mention that everyone has to mentioned that I am a little pink as though I didn’t notice.   Stupid UV rays.

It’s adios to aviros, tell ’em to stay between the lines

I think that this has been the longest dry-spell of posting. I’ve been neglectful. I’ve been bad, but being bad can be so good. Especially when my office is so hot. My legs stick to my chair. no good.So 2,784 miles driven between Eugene and Woodburn, I’ve completed my marathon commuting. The good news is that that I never fell asleep once at the wheel… not unlinke two years ago where a mid-I5 nap was looking pretty tempting. If anyone needs an update on the daily progress of any of the numerous bridge construction or a detailed layout of where the cops like to sit, I can deliver both. It was nice to have a friendly dog to come home to every night, but I’m glad the driving is over. I maintain that being in your parents’ house all by yourself is one of the most unsettling feelings. It’s like a house of ghosts, but the ghosts will be back at the end of their vacation.

I just got back from Bend, Jess and I went over to visit her family. They have this pretty clydesdale, I think I would really enjoy having a horse–you could dress them up for the holidays, ride them into town to get groceries. At this point I think I am feeling the urge to make a “horse-power” joke, but I’ll resist. That would preceding into what Pratt and Derek Bell would call a “Wellsy”*. But I digress. I really enjoy being at their place, it is nice being away from other houses and there is something very soothing about sleeping to the sound of the Dechutes river… that is until the crossbar in the hide-a-bed wakes you up. Although, I think that my favorite time to go to Bend is in the winter, but I think that is because I had a childhood that was primarily deprived of decent snowfall.

*ok, here’s the Wellsy, “How much horsepower this bad mama-jama got?” “Oh, about one.” Told you it was bad.



I’m taking the chance to see the wind in your eyes

Well, here I am three days from birthday. This is the last of the important birthdays, not that I have been very big on birthdays… but seriously the 21st birthday is the true signal of adulthood, not because you can buy alcohol but because after 21 no one cares how old you are. That is alright by me, people already think I am at least 23… I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. Never-the-less, I will be going out as the clock strikes 12:00am, it should be interesting… especially since i have class the next day.
In other news: Jessica finally came home. This has been a homecoming that i have been waiting for all summer, now I have well rooted dislike for Mexico… and now it isn’t just because it is hot and sunny there. i drove Jess back to Bend, which, by-the-way, is not a fun drive when you are tired and it pitch black outside. Coming over the pass we could see the glow of the forest fires which was kind of cool but little did I know two days later my route home would be cut off those fires. I can’t say I was sad about not being able to go back to Eugene, I got to stay and hang out in Bend with Jessica and her family… no complaints from me. I was hoping the fires would interfere with my plans to head home, I must have an amazing ability to control major fires. The only problem with staying at Jessica’s was that my shoulders got very burned with all of the swimming we did. I’ve gone through the painful redness stage and now I’m in the slightly entertaining stage of peeling, unfortunately that stage has the bonus ability to itch like no tomorrow. Looking at my back, i feel like a leper… no offense to any lepers out there. But it was well worth it, I got to spend time with my best gal.

Other than all of that, life is pretty slow and ordinary. Still looking for a roommate… I think that bears repeating: Still looking for a roommate. hint hint. Until I feel inspired again…