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first thing that I heard was a song outside my window and the traffic wrote the words

As of 4pm today, a little bit of Eugene passed away. A person everyone knew but not her story. Hatoon was the lady we all had different nicknames for, “the lady who sleeps in the library,” “that crazy bag lady,” “that lady who was talking to herself,” you know how it goes. From what I heard she was struck by a car at Franklin and Onyx, along side campus. I am certain that most people had made a handful of jokes, I know I am guilty of it–I think it would have been astoundingly interesting to know who she was, maybe with time, we will. Well, here’s to a person that we never gave much thought to, but will always tie into being on campus. With Frog and the Trust Jesus Bike guy–the weird, the strange, and the uncomfortable… it’s all a piece of the same Eugene memory.