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comin’ to town with the briefcase blues

Hey! It’s my annual post-Thanksgiving post. I’m sure y’all have been quaking with anticipation to know what I did over Thanksgiving. You shall wait no longer!For Jess and I, this was our first actual major holiday that we’ve had together in the four-plus years we’ve been together. It was nice having Jess around for a holiday, I think I’ll keep it that way.

On Wednesday, we left the Grove and took the ridiculously long drive to Woodburn. We sat on I5, just outside of Eugene for a solid 10 minutes going absolutely nowhere. This is a tradition for me, ever since I left for college, I have had to sit on I5 on the day before Thanksgiving… there are some traditions that should fade away. Jess, Moose, and myself took 99 most of the way after we ditched the main northbound drag. It seemed like half of the people from I5 had the same idea, but the traffic had a little bit more speed to it than the interstate.

We made it to Woodburn, had Thanksgiving where my mom “accidentally” dipped her shrimp into Jessica’s eggnog. Nothing says, “Welcome to the family” like seafood in your nog. He had dinner, watched Moose beat up my parents’ dog, Tolley. Did some required day-after-Thanksgiving shopping. Then it was off to Bend.

Bend was nice and cold. Mostly we hung out with the Hansons, did a little helping out with some firewood, and then went to check out some possibilities for my new vehicle. Jess, her dad, and I went to a couple of car lots and saw too possibilities (though maybe not realistic ones). There was a ’99 Toyota 4Runner, which was pretty sleek… it had the sunroof and everything. Then, I spotted a ’00 Dodge Ram 1500, it was very pretty. It had the extended cab, with the suicide doors, towing package, fog lights. I wanted it very badly. Alas, I still only have one very badly beaten Honda CRV.

Moose had a lot of fun at the Hansons, he was outside almost the whole time, running around, exploring… he’s becoming a regular ranch dog, well, except for his extensive problem with wussiness. He was running and jumping the entire time we were there, but as soon as he hopped into the car and we drove away, he was passed out.

Now I’m back to work, which feels like I haven’t been here in weeks. It’s finals week, translation: lots of grading, lots of paperwork.

That’s pretty much it.



you come crash into me

Picture this:Sitting in the densest of traffic outside of Salem, heading north bound on I-5. Southbound, there are absolutely no cars at all, except for the ODOT truck that is pushing another car with it’s bumper. You sit there in amazement, trying to figure the conditions under which a person would need their car pushed down the freeway. You’re amazed by this phenomenon, so is everyone else around you–including the guy driving behind you, the guy who fails to stop his car until it smashed into the back of you car.

Yep, I got rear-ended on my way to the ‘Burn on Wednesday. Stopped in traffic, the guy behind me neglected to follow suit. Both my sister and I are ok, we’re lucky that it was a relatively slow speed. My car survived more or less intact, if you don’t pay attention to my muffler that now sits right above the road, from time to time kissing the pavement. That, and my bumper is a little messed up. However, this reassures me that I never want a little car, because the height of my car, sent the other car’s nose under me. His hood was bend all the way back to the windshield, slightly bending his radiator and busting ever single light in the front of his car. The coolest thing was that my exhaust pipe made a perfect puncture wound in his bumper–a perfect round circle was missing from his bumper, which I had an exhaust pipe plug consisting of plastic and Styrofoam. Not to mention, how the little metal hook under my bumper cut straight through his hood. In an instant, we went from watching what was happening on the side of the road to becoming the attraction at the side of the road.

The other guy was very nice about all of this, apologizing–he was very sincere. I’m just glad that the dog he had with him and his two friends was alright. The State Police showed up as well as two ODOT incident response trucks. At which point Meagan said to me, “now you’re the one who is to blame for holding up traffic.” To which the other driver said, “Actually, I think I’m the one to blame.” The State Trooper got all of our information but unfortunately wrote the other guy a ticket for following too close, which is a little more salt in the wound seeing as his car was probably totaled.

I then drove to Salem to a Honda dealership, met my dad and got an estimate on the damage. Looks about shy of $700. Wired my muffler (which was nicely bowed in and about 2 inches shorter) to the bottom of my car, then I drove back to Woodburn… ready to deal with the rest of the holiday. Hopefully this is only thing that happens over the Thanksgiving break.