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…Misery loves a symphony…

Either I’ve been a busy boy or a lazy one either way here i am updating very far off of my every month watermark, oh well time is a precious commodity. Lets see, I guess the most significant things that have happened since my last update: new job, broken nose, still nowhere to live next year. I’ll start at the beginning, I got my Desk assistant job which in short means that i will be delivering mail, checking out movies, giving replacement keys… $6.50/hr here I come! Don’t get me wrong, my sarcasm doesn’t mean i don’t like the job, i do like it, this new position will be a much needed improvement over being an R.A. no longer will I be bent over the metaphorical R.A. lifestyle table. No late night lockouts, no “Chris, my roommate is dead” phone calls, or even “Chris, I didn’t mean to get caught by DPS with a suitcase full of drugs, will I get in big trouble” situations. By the way, “Props” to all of my residents who are currently reading this. So eventually i will be a D.A. next year which means a sturdy job to make car payments, yes, the person who didn’t get his permit until he was 17 and only got his license days before his 19th birthday will be getting a car, which if i can, will make it so i can live far far far away from any residence (DORMS! I’m rebelling!) halls. So that’s an improvement.

Second on the docket: my nose became broken, or cracked to be more accurate. While tickling a certain girlfriend’s feet, we’ll call her [G]essica (to protect the presumed innocent), I caught a right hook into my big nose… no, I wasn’t punched I was assaulted by a knee. I find this especially hilarious because for a week or two after [G]essica/Nose-gate as I called it I could make my nose make cool cracking and popping sounds. All of this mean a mean headache for a couple of days and about 4 visits to the Student Health Center where, incidentally, I was made fun of repeatedly and incessantly by nurses because my girlfriend successfully “Kicked my ass”. It was all a riot on my behalf, the doctor took it upon herself to prescribe pain killers and to stay away from [G]essica. All was good and funny until the tears came… tears of an ego being smashed into small emasculated pieces. No, but seriously folks I think it was a good thing, you know that they say “the couple that breaks bones together stays together”, oh what I’ll do for romance.
Finally, i’m still looking for someplace and someone to live with this summer AND next year, but I have some prospective roomies… both of which I am very hopefully for because both are very nice (clean) and cool (trustworthy) people. I just want out of the dorms… please.

Ps.- This website is the proud recipient of the “Sad Ty Seal of Approval,” mostly because Ty wanted to get on my webpage, but regardless it’s an award.