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Does your face, your pretty face get lost in a crowd

Today marks the last day of TED 610: Electronic Learning Systems. If you want to, you can take a look at the “assignments” we had to make in class.
Today we spent, literally, a half an hour (a quarter of the class) sitting there while we waited for the room’s display systems to come to an agreement with the other technologies so we could see the Powerpoint.

One hour, five minutes to go.

My sister Meagan, has been down here in Eugene for her IntroDUCKtion, I think she’s really liking not being at home. She has been staying in Ganoe Hall, in Bean complex–my old stomping grounds as an RA and resident. I thought that it was really funny when she said, “Well, I hope when I get to the dorms, they’ll be a lot cooler.” Obviously, she hasn’t learned from visiting me in the dorms that solid concrete and brick as a convection oven, especially when you sit directly under the roof of the building.

Meg opted out of having dinner at Carson and I don’t blame her. After working two summers on Campus, Carson is neither a good wide, nutritionally sufficient, artistic palette of flavors–nor does it have breathing room. The entire of the dinning hall is constantly filled during IntroDUCKtion with parents, students, summer students, and every other conference people. Nothing was worse when the cheerleading camps and the wrestling camp are in town at the same time. That’s like a hormone parade with everyone trying to throw candy.

Tonight, I head to Woodburn to drop Meagan off–then it’s right back to Eugene to work on my Diversity project, which I am kind of excited about. We’re doing the project on South Korean international students. They had told us in an interview, that one of the biggest U.S. misconceptions is that they are Japanese. So we’ve titled the project “We’re  not Japanese.” I think it will be fun, if not entertaining.

Alright, time to look like I’m paying attention, in reality, I’ll be playing a word game.