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so the room must listen to me filibuster vigilantly

…and thus ends another day at the ballpark with Pratt. Got up mighty early for a day game and headed off for the emerald city. We ended up meeting Miller and his two pals from back east. I think that it was a bad omen when you walk into a stadium with thousands of people you can quickly find Greg at the very top of very highest seats, prancing around with his shirt off having his buds draw a smiley face on his bare torso. This was in addition to the permanent marker scrawling of “I [heart] the M’s.” Miller was given an additional slogan about loving various other things, but he decided that it was too much and adorned his Arizona State University t-shirt (which makes him a traitor). Miller was also the champion of the slow clap–for those of you not in the know, the slow clap is a loud clap that starts off slow and increases in speed until you’re… well… clapping. Greg tried to initiate the slow clap at least 15 times, with the greatest number of participants peaked at 7, at best. Greg will have to live with starting the slow clap at PGE park… his crowning glory, I’m sure. Pratt and I drove back south after the game hitting traffic that would be dreadfully bad traffic by Portland standards, but light traffic by Seattle standards. You couldn’t pay me to deal with that on a daily basis. The Eugene/Springfield traffic was enough to ruin me on commuting.Anyways, tomorrow John Kerry will be in Portland, I wish I could attend the rally to protest. I wouldn’t be there to protest about Kerry or any of the Dems, rather, I would be protesting the flagrant and detrimental use of Jon Bon Jovi–who I loath. Plus, tomorrow, I will (hopefully) getting my new computer which is a gift to myself for being so me. Either way, my current computer is topping 7 years in age and makes a combination of go-cart, shaving metal, and dripping water noises.

It’s time for me and my seriously sun-burned right arm, slightly burned right knee and sun-kissed (not Sunkist) left cheek to go to bed after a health dose of lotion that makes the burning stop. I am definitely anti-sunburn.