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The race for less… update

As of this morning, I have offically lost 20% of my original body weight of 300 pounds.  Now that I am at 240, I have only 10 pounds left to shed before I reach my inital goal.  As for my main goal, I’m striving for 40 more pounds.  Honestly, I don’t think I have weighted so little since freshman year of high school.  My weight on my drivers license now out weighs me by 20 pounds.  If it didn’t cost money or use up valuable time, I would have like to get a new license, just kind of a reminder for myself. 

There have been so many different benefits from this, it has truly changed me.  I sleep better, I feel happier, people treat me differently, I get sick less, I run faster, I work out longer, I get angry less, and I have a overwhelming burst of self-confidence and a positive self-image.  My only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago, how much of my life could I have made brighter if I had implemented self-control and a workout routine?  I guess that sometimes, one’s head can only be removed from dark places at specific times in life… luckily, I pulled my out when my chance came along.

This has honestly been the hardest, yet most fulfilling and affirming 10 months of my life.  Here’s to taking a scary situation and making it work for you.

Grey days rolling, Then you’ll see him

On the days when it hasn’t rained, or at least, wasn’t raining too much, the Grove’s two baseball teams have sprinted onto the ol’ diamond ball field to swing the pine to round out 7 innings with a mark scratched into the win column. Well, the pine was swung, but the end result has yet to be a mark in any column that wasn’t labeled loss.

The JV team’s first game(s) took place at a double-header in Philomath. With narrow losses coming at 5-3 and 6-3. Yesterday, we rode out to the metropolitan setting of Lowell, where we went down 13-8.

Yesterday’s loss was the most disheartening. At the start of the game, we came close to going through our line-up at our first at bat. We came away with four runs. Thus starts the Grove’s athletics dance, where you start off doing the Fox Trot and end up finding yourself on a slow waltz. That waltz crescendo at the third inning when we had 12 runs placed against us. Yeah, 12. I can’t even spell it out, it was so shocking. But wait, late in the fifth inning, something clicked in the dug-out (which was literally four feet from the first baseline), kids started hooting and hollering, giving out all sorts of encouragement. Then like a lightning bolt from Zeus, four more runs for the Grove. Now it’s 8-13, only one out. With bases loaded, our power-hitter takes his position at the plate. First pitch, low and outside, ball. Our runner at third makes a movement, hoping for a poorly thrown pick from the catcher, our runner sneaks back to third. Bases still loaded. Second pitch, right up the middle but low, ball two. The umpire stands up, walks to the mound, and throws up his hands… is it a balk? Do we get a run because the pitcher moved his shoulders? Are we going to be one solid hit away from a win?

…but there is no joy in Mudville —
mighty Cottage Grove was rained out.