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Proud Moment

During my prep today, I took my usual walk down to the office to check my box for anything of significance.  Inside my box was the January 28th edition of Duck’s Illustrated Magazine, held open to an article about the Oregon’s  Women’s basketball team losing four games in a row .  At first, I was slightly baffled.  I’m not a huge fan of basketball, I’ve have  been known to play a little basketball or even go to a basketball game or two, but not overly interested enough to read an article about it… at least until I read the byline.

One of my students, Kyle, who had graduated last year, was the author of the article.  I poured over the article and then passed it around to the different teachers that I know had stock in Kyle.  The article received a lot of excited reactions, from me especially.  In no way am I saying I played any part in his good writing or getting to  see him working in the field he has always aimed for–I’m merely proud enough to say, “Hey, I know that guy!”