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and everything don’t seem to rhyme

Last night marked the end of six long years at the University of Oregon. How am I going to survive without classes that go from five until nine at night? I guess that means I’ll have to fill my evenings with relaxing and having real meals (something that doesn’t require that you cook for 3 1/2 minutes, remove the plastic film above the vegetables, stir the vegetables, than recover with the plastic film and cook for another 1 1/2 to 2 minutes). I’m not sure I’m ready for that kind of change in my life. It’s all too drastic. Too sudden.It’s been a good six-year run, but I can’t say that I’m sad to see it go. I’m sure I’ve learned a couple things here and there, but I’ve got my three pieces of embossed paper… and I’m out of here.

My third (and final) graduation is next Friday evening. And I do solemnly swear that this will be my last graduation. I think. We’ll see.