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Flickr Meme

Saw this on CatharticInk, thought I could do it too. Rules as follows: Go to the sixth page of your Flickr photostream and post the sixth picture on that page.

Here’s mine:

Europe 2008 778

I took this picture in Switzerland, on our way down Mt. Pilatus. We had just enjoyed a great lunch of bread, dried fruits, cheese, and various meats… not to mention a nice bottle of Bordeaux, all of which were picked up from the street vendors along the river in Luzern. Europe 2008 767

Before lunch, each of us took a ride down the summer toboggan run. On the path down Mt. Pilatus, there were many different herds of cows, sheep and goats. These were two of the most friendly of the herds. We had been able to hear the baritone clanking of their bells from the highest point of the mountain. Even though the fog allowed for only twenty feet of visibility, their sound could be heard for miles around.

Europe 2008 721

As noisy as they were, they were also unafraid of us, obviously these cows were handled a lot because as we approached, they barely lifted their heads to acknowledge our presence. When we would pet them and scratch their necks, only then did they take notice. This was especially true for the cow in the foreground, she stuck out her head and pushed out her tongue out as far she could because Jess had found the spot on the bottom side of her neck, right near her bell which needed the most scratching.

Eventually, the cows did get tired of us hanging about and decided to slowly saunter off to somewhere that had less us, which was perfectly timed for us to move on our own way down the mountain. Through the steep grade down the mountain, into the individual little hillside farms and hay fields, underneath the orchards and past the very friendly farmers up in their trees waving and saying something that was beyond my German. Hopefully it was welcoming because he didn’t seem to mind us there. Down we went, into the gentler hills, onto the cobbled lanes outside of town, across the little bridge that crossed the stream, behind the brown and grey stone houses and into the middle of the village to catch our train home.

Mt. Pilatus

Through our trip, the one part that I was most looking forward to was climbing Mt. Pilatus, outside of Luzern.  Yesterday, we debated and questioned the timing of when we went up the mountain.  This morning, we thought we would take a chance despite the overcast conditions.  The entire time, I secretly prayed for the clouds to part and burn off.  We took the cog train up and hit the clouds.  Walking up at the base of the mountain, shrouded in clouds.  We hiked up to the the highest point, we couldn’t see more than 100 feet in front of ourselves.

Only when we were about the leave after taking the last of the hikes, a little sunny spot  opened up.  From then on, the burn-off of the clouds had started and the whole panorama of the lakes, Luzern and everything around was visibile.  It was truly awe-inspiring.  The best of all, was this tiny little church that was situated within a breath of the edge of a 7,000 foot drop. It was like somone had decided that going through the hours of fog and disappointment of the clouded view, they said, “just wait awhile, you’ll appreciate it more.”  We certainly did, it was a truly amazing day.

On a funny note, we were trying to decide if a dessert was in order after dinner tonight.  Gasping, my mom said, “Oh, Jess, take a look at that…” pointing to the tray of a waiter as he walked by.  The dessert my mom was so struck by was this ornate, beautifully prepared stacked ashtrays with a dirty washcloth balled up in it.  Strangely, Jess didn’t order that dessert.

Last day in Luzern tomorrow and then Paris.