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…and I don’t own the clothes I’m wearing…

This will probably be the last update of the 2000-2001 school year update… hooray, I think. Soon I’ll be just doing the Conference Assistant thing, though I’m not sure exactly what it is yet. Quite a lot has happened in the couple of weeks I have neglected this webpage, most notably, I went to the beach. Chris like beach. Beach good. The beach is especially good when I’m with a group of people I really feel close too… I went with a few floors from Carson hall, but namely I went with Shelby, Lauren, Karen, Emily, and Matt.

I’ll go in the order listed… Shelby was the original reason why I went, I had previously agreed to go if my (stupid) Mt. St. Helens trip fell through… and to everyone’s disbelief it did fall through, so I went with Carson. I wasn’t sure on what to expect from a hall I didn’t know, but I felt surprisingly comfortable, but I attribute that to Shelby. With her good graces, I felt at home… my usual shyness subsided and I had a very relaxing as well as good time.
When it is the middle of the night and stormy what can you do? Walk, of course. Shoeless and drenched Lauren and I walked on the beach kicked at the foam, which was the only thing we could see that wasn’t a shade of gray. We just talked and got rained on. I know I keep on saying this, but this is really what I foresaw for myself at this period in my life… I will probably always remember that night, just because it was so unique and I think that Lauren is the only other person who I think would have joined me that night. I really respect the contrast that she provides against everyone else, she’s not like everyone else… and it’s extremely refreshing.

This is the first time I’ve spoke about Karen, so I have to give her a little introduction… Karen is an RA that I have only recently started actually knowing. This sudden ‘knowing’ of Karen is due to being on Summer Staff, somehow my rye sense of humor and her rye sense of humor clicked, and it’s been a constant fun ride of inappropriate innuendo and Curtis jokes. Baa. She is a fun person who is not afraid to play the seaweed trumpet and I think that’s really cool.

Emily is another person I didn’t really known until the start of Summer Staff… wait, let me correct that, Emily and I first met my Freshman year during a psychology experiment (you know, drill in your head, pull out some gray matter, put in some wires), but that was very brief, only for an hour. I find it funny that we both still remembered our first interaction, I’m proud (or dismayed) to be so memorable. Emily is cool, a very very funny gal… always up for a good joke but never an early morning picture.

I’ve always known Matt to be a cool guy, and this past weekend he stayed true to that. When we got in the beach house, almost everyone sat in front of the tv , while Matt and I took off for the beach, we just hung out at the beach, I was reading and Matt was just taking it all in. Matt and I also hung out on the beach the first night… nothing really said, but it was cool, we were there just seeing what we don’t usually get to see… He’s a mellow guy, and that’s respectable.

Other things that happened on the trip: Our first morning at the beach I got up around 7:30, and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I went and ran 3 miles. I felt really good afterwards… I was hoping that when I came in the front door after the run, everyone would be up eating breakfast, they’d all turn their head and say, “Where have you been, we’ve made breakfast but you were nowhere to be found.” I’d triumphantly put my hands on my hips and say “I was running. (tada!)” But, to my dismay when I came through the door there was no breakfast waiting, due to the fact that everyone was still sleeping. So I took a shower and congratulated myself on the run.

This corresponds to when I spoke of Matt and I hanging out at night on the beach, after he left to go inside, I meditated… talk about needed. I just sat on the beach and concentrated on the breaking waves… I got very relaxed, which I haven’t been in weeks.

Finally (and unbeach related), I do know where I will be living next school year… second floor Parsons Hall, in Bean East. Though I am excited to have a different room (I vowed never to do a third year in Ganoe), I am not pleased that I have to trudge all of my stuff (and there is a whole lot of it) down three flights of stairs, around the complex, and then up two flights of stairs… arg, I can feel the back pains now… but don’t worry dear reader, I always lift from the knees.

By the way… I added a biography section to the web extravaganza you see before you… it is button labeled “Chris” on your left, find out all the deep dark workings of a dyslexic monkey… er… me. Enjoy.

…I’m dressed like a schoolboy, but feel like a clown

Well, its hot. Actually its been very hot and I’ve never been a fan of heat, so these past couple days have been a temperature torture. I wanted rain. Rain is good, rain is fun to run in, but I can’t control the weather, well, at least for right now I can’t. Do you know what is unpleasant? Being poo-ed on by a bird… I can now say I that I’ve been poo-ed on… I feel like a better man for this. On to other tales…
I might have mentioned it before, but I will mention it again: I had been planning a trip Mt. St. Helen with my hall, found the campsites, reserved them with $140 on my credit card, got three vans reserved for the trip, got all the catering forms to get food for people… and after I have done all of that guess who shows interest in the trip? NO ONE! I find it absolutely amazing, people were a buzz only a few months ago about the trip, but now, only one person signed up. What a crock. The previously stated, coupled with the many inappropriate and foul things residents are doing to me, I decided to cancel the trip, and go with Shelby and Karen on their hall trip to the beach on the same weekend. There are two parts to this, one is that I am happy I will not be driving 10+ hours to and fro from Washington, but I’m also sad that this trip fell through, because I was going to make this a big camping blow out trip for the end of the year, I was talking to my boss about getting sparkling cider and stuff like that, but… I will be happy to spend some time with my friends at the coast, that will make me forget how my hall has turned to become very unpleasant.
Speaking of Shelby, I had another apex of college experience: After a stint at the library Shelby and I got something to drink (her: Dr. Pepper, me: Iced Mocha) and went and sat by a waterfall that is tucked away from everything else on campus. Shelby sat there and worked on a paper, while I read The Shipping News and played in the waterfall. It was a really nice, it was also kind of funny, because Shelby witnessed a couple’s first kiss. I found it to be a riot that she was being a peeping tom… the whole situation was hilarious. We stayed long after the sun had faded from red to orange and then disappeared, we sat there under the light of the lamps, that is when Shelby said that this was her idea of college, I don’t think I could have agreed more.