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LaPine and Back Again

Apparently, if you take the long way to LaPine and take the more direct way back, it’s still unbelievably long.  Still, one of the other coaches and I did take the opportunity to name every player.  From the top of my head:

‘Cano, Beetlejuice, Donny, Irish, Bulldog, Farcus, Soubcheck, Pillow, Cleetus, Snackshack, Norris, Clay Aiken, Bea Arthur, ‘Mater, Spiccoli, Aquaman, Big Tuna, The Stones, Ralphie… 

not bad committing all of those to memory even with the 5 hours I slept before getting back for work.  LaPine’s varsity team shows up here tonight. 

A big shout-out to Mr. Chris Pratt for showing up at LaPine on his unplanned visit to the Bend/Redmond area.  Thanks for the support, buddy.