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but they don’t realize it’s so easy to break

While messing around on the interweb, guess what I find. Proof of my alcoholism, well, actually, proof of Nicole, Andrew, and my trip to the brewfest a couple of months ago:

Andrew, Nicole, and I @ the brewfest

That was good night, except for the chili beer (the pepper, not the pseudo-soup)… which I highly un-recommend, unless you want to see someone have an involuntary clinching of every facial muscle, then go for it.

Here is the KLCC page. I can proudly say I imbibed the first, second, and third place beer, and all the runner-ups… including Ms. Beer Congeniality.

With pride, I can say that I made it the entire night without breaking my complementary small beer glass, as did Nicole. Andrew came close, but as we were walking out of the door he dropped his. It bounced one, twice, even three times, on the fourth attempted bounce it smashed. Andrew took his round of applause from the other beerists with grace, then slyly he took one of the “left over” glasses–that is, the glasses that people used and decided not take home.

A classy night for all.