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Castle walls just lead me to despair

So a certain Oregon department, that should remain nameless, is stupid. For those non-teacher people, there is a battery of expensive and ridiculous tests– especially in their score expectations. Well, I took the English test almost a year and a half ago, sadly, I missed the expected score by 2 points. Disappointing, yes… but I’ve always been bad at taking tests. Two months ago, I retook the test, passing it this time. Three days after I received my passing score I receive and email from my program saying that that unnamed Oregon department has lowered their score expectations– making it so that my first test score is now considered passing. This is a big (though not totally bad) frustration. A $200 frustration. I should have waited to retake the test. But as Jess put it, “if you had waited to take the test again, the needed score wouldn’t have been dropped.” I agree.

I’m the first person I know to fail a test, then retroactively pass it a year and a half later. Life is funny.