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Eye hate you

I found two very painful experiences to both begin and end my day.

First, as I was getting ready yesterday morning, I was putting in my contact.  As soon as I put in my right contact in and it latched onto my eye, it seared with pain.  My eye hurt so bad that it clamped shut, I couldn’t willfully open it under its own power.  Apparently, I have the tendency to stomp my foot when in ocular pain because I heard Jess ask from th eother room, “Is there something wrong with your contact?”  It was either that, or I had accidentally stomped Morse Code.  As I’m digging my eye, thinking that it was a misplaced contact, I pull out a three inch hair.  I guess when I put on my contact the hair was trapped. 

 Round two.

When I was getting ready for bed, I was taking out my contacts and as soon as I touched my eye, it burned (not to be confused with the searing pain from before).  Since I’ve been wearing contacts, I’ve be very careful to wash my hands diligently and frequently, especially after cooking with garlic or chili peppers.  As I found out, it takes more than two or three hand washing sessions to get orange off of your hands.  The orange residue left over from my snack was feeling as though a million little pins were sticking inside my ocular cavity…. and that was only the first eye.  I washed my hands a couple of times (with soap) and still, as my index finger tohed my other eye, I was dancing around in a blind pain in the bathroom.  I’m sure I was quite a sight to behold.

I’m just glad I don’t have a gastronomy tube I have to take care of.

If I’m well you can tell she’s been with me now

Excluding German 201, things are going good, well, relatively. I have now come to the conclusion (in my waning months of my senior year) that I have chosen the wrong major for myself, this isn’t to say that Philosophy isn’t super-fantastic, because it is, but it is not as super-fantastic Education or Special Education. Ironically, in the remaining three terms I have left at the University of Oregon I think i have found my calling, I’ve always been a late bloomer, so why does this surprise me? So as you may have guessed I am taking a Special Education (SPED) and an Education (ED) class and I and I feel as though I am extremely successful at them. I may be getting my second and third ‘A’s of my college career (also ironic, my first ‘A’ was achieved in the first term of my Freshman year.) I can easily understand the material, the reading is engaging (oh, and 14th century Jewish philosophy isn’t fun reading?) so I think i might have made a small mistake being a Philosophy major, I should have gone with my life long gut feeling of education. Any road….
So I’ve hurt myself again, while playing racquetball I went flying backwards into a wall, making for a spectacular pup on my back. To make a long and quite unspectacular story short, the doctors aren’t sure yet what I did to my ribs except that they hurt and that I needed strong pain killers. On the subject of pain killers, may i just say that as a person who doesn’t sleep well, these are a small little angles with Vicodin stamped on them. So needless to say the last couple of days I’ve been very well rested.
I’ve come to the conclusion that i enjoy living by myself, lets just put it this way: I can be the master of my own domain. My messes are my own and therefore i’m not as disgusted cleaning them up. I don’t think I was meant to live with people who I’m not particularly close to… There is just something wrong about cutting a tube of sausage and then leaving both the wrapper and the knife out on the counter all day, needless to say, it wasn’t my sausage. ick. If I try the path of good naturedness and understanding means I’m a good person right? Or a Schmuck?
Finally, its really nice to see two parts of your life fit together so well. I really enjoy seeing Jessica hanging around with my family. First, it was my sister came and stayed with me for a couple of days, we played mini golf, played video games (which i kicked her butt at Dance Dance Revolution), and had a somewhat impromptu parade. Jessica and Meagan seem to really enjoy each other’s company, especially when it comes to making fun of me, which is fine by me because it is a sign of respect or at least admiration… or so I’m told. And then when Jessica and I spent the day with my mom, it just feels like one big family… i wish my family liked me as much as they liked Jessica, but you’ve got to take what you can get. I don’t think i realized how important my family’s feelings about my girlfriend were until (I finally got a girlfriend) saw Jessica with everyone of my family members and how much they liked and adored her. Best chance I ever took.

all right, Vicodin is kicking in, time for bed.