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One Final and counting…

I thought I would take some of my very rare free time to update the webpage since I have gotten back the paintball pictures. The week of finals still continues, its not fun having to tell people to be quiet at 2 in the afternoon, because of 24 hour quiet hours… but I’ll manage. I have finished my Philosophy 170 final, as well as my paper for Philosophy 350, now only the dreaded English 394 final left… If there is going to be one class in my university career that I will remember that I really did not like, this would be the one… oh how I loath this class… all my other ones are really good… this one, to put it into simple language: blows. My ankle is doing better (sorry now pictures this time), it still hurts, and I’m still stuck in the ankle brace, which is not fun, but I imagine that I’ll be back to normal with in a couple of weeks.
On a better note; I have registered for classes for Winter term classes, I will be taking Environmental Philosophy, History of Modern Philosophy, Social Inequalities, and Astronomy (which I call Stars for jocks… its a pun off of Geology being called rocks for jocks, if you need it explained further, email me, and I’ll do so.) Hopefully this will be a successful term, I have a lot of friends in my classes, which will be nice for a change. My job has been intense lately, one conflict which really tested me and landed a guy some charges for harassment of a University official; and then the other night a girl sliced her finger almost to the bone, with a knife… interesting times to say the least.

The Glory that are Paintball Welts.

Its been a while since I have updates, I got swamped with everything at one time, RA stuff, school, and general teenager life. Last night I had such a great time with my residents (as well as the residents from Thorton), we all went to play paintball… I think this was a great activity that I had planned (insert more self congratulations here.) We had such a blast, it is amazing what joy a lot of pain, dirt, and paint can bring to a group of 43 people. I myself got 3 cool battle wounds… er… welts from paintballs, one on my arm, and two on my side; as well as a mouth full of paint when a paintball hit my face mask, did you know that the paint they use is corn starch based, its amazing what you can learn from a mouth full of paint. I’m really enjoying the constant battle stories that my residents are talking about… though, I suspect that 1/3 of them are fabrications, but I won’t burst their bubble. One of my guys (who was on my team) didn’t like the idea that I was shooting him because I couldn’t see anyone on the other team… he said something about making sure I lock my door at night, I didn’t really catch his meaning. I shall have pictures soon of the whole thing, welts and all.
Tonight was a good night, I read a little bit of T.S. Elliot (Then let us go, you and I where the evening spreads out against the sky…), then I ventured out about 10 for a walk about campus to try to see some of the meteors that are supposedly visible tonight (alas, I saw none). I came back, and stopped by Anna and Lindy’s room, and then asked them if they would like to go out for coffee; they said yes, so I treated them to coffee at the Buzz. The Buzz was a ‘happening’ place, they were having an open mic night… Sitting in a coffee house, listening to unknown musicians; this was the image I always possessed of college, it was total Bliss for me.
Tomorrow is the Civil War against Oregon State… I am hopeful we will win, though it really is not a big deal for me (either way I’ll be dealing with resident conduct, of course.) About six of my residents are jumping from a plane tomorrow… they asked me to go along, of course I said I shouldn’t due to lack of funding (and the fact that I don’t want to go out of this world leaving a ten foot crater in some corn field.) This weekend should be fun… or at least I hope it is, because finals are starting to rear their ugly head… as well as a HUGE Metaphysics paper on a topic of my choice, which happens to be why I think there is no “Mind/Body Problem” because the mind and body are one of the same… It should be fun.