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Running with Gluttons for Punishment.

I’ll be brief do to the likeliness that I’ll pass because of my hour of running tonight. Anna, Lindy, and Erin did the old bait and switch with me, it started out with: “Hey, lets go play racquetball” and ended up, “Hey lets go for a run.” So we ran for an hour, starting off with a “warm up” across campus… A WARM UP?!? More like a prelude to the heart attack I’d have through out the remainder of the hour. Then it was off to Hayward Stadium to run the stairs…
Running wasn’t the only thing I did tonight, I trekked over to Bealle (Bell) hall to hear Nora (Programing Assistant from Hamilton Complex) sing solo tonight. I was blown away. The control that one person can have over their voice and to make it sound so amazing was just awesome. I brought Nora flowers, because I’m debonair like that, she is the perfect person to that for… not only is she appreciative, she gives a mini-scream and a hug when she saw the flowers.
Last story of the night, while walking around today, Patrick and I passed a “less-than-fortunate” (bum) guy, who said “Can you spare some change so the chronically unemployed smoke some marijuana?” Patrick and I laughed as we said no, but it was a good hook line.