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The Race for a little less… Update

Another weight update:

Starting weight (January 1st): 300

Current weight (as of this morning): 274

Total pounds lost: 26

Pounds to go: 44

Body weight percentage lost: ~8.6%

Percentage to goal: ~37%

Current issues:  Figuring out the calorie count of pasta.  Is the measurment given for dry or wet?  A cup of pasta dry is less than a pound cooked.  I’ve been calculating it as when it is dry, which I think has been artifically raising my calorie counts for some meals–which is neccesarily bad.  Temptation is another issue.  After the poker game on Saturday, a giant bag of tontino’s pizza rolls that someone brought were left int he freezer.  Those are a weakness.  I could easily throw them all in the oven with a little garlic salt, make a cave out of the rolls and eat my way out.  I haven’t yet… I’m thinking I might just give them away or toss them.  Something like that is too dangerous, especailly when 6 rolls equals 220 calories.  To rationalize eating them, I could not anything all day and then come home and eat 57 of the rolls…. or I guess I could just start the day out with them.  Mmm, breakfast of champions.