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The race for a little less… update

Starting weight: 300

Current weight: 268

Poundage lost: 32

Poundage to go: 33

Percentage of weight loss: ~10.6%

I have been really looking forward to crossing the 10% body weight margin.  My jaw just about hit the scale when I saw 268 come across the read out.  It is interesting how much weight the body can loose over night.  On average, I get about a 2 pound difference from my weight the night before versus the weight in the morning.

It is always funny how all the food I love to eat but shouldn’t eat becomes so readily available.  Tuesday, there were several boxes of free pizza in the staff room.  Today, a student is bringing pizza to class for her birthday, tomorrow there will be pizza at the football meeting.  Thankfully, as much as I’ve stared at the pizza or paced around and near the pizza, I haven’t had a slice.  Pizza is like the abusive relationship, I really want to go back, I know that initially it will be really good but I also know that in the end, it will turn out the same as every other time. 

Damn you pizza, you’ll always be in my heart, you temptress.