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So, I’m frustrated and relieved at the same time, I guess that would make me Frelieved.  I just got back from the doctor’s appointment at Slocum in Eugene (props to the facility and staff, great Ortho center) and after some poking, prodding, and xraying it turns out that I don’t have Planters Fasciitis and I don’t have a fracture but I have signs of a stress reaction in my left foot.  Through the x-rays, the doc saw that I have a building of bone around the bone of the outside of my foot, over my arch.   The bone was getting thicker which meant that the body was aware that there is a weakness developing there.  This means that had I kept on going, I could have snapped one of my tarsals in half during a run, which would have been painful and inconvenient especially since I don’t run with a cellphone.

What’s next is more body-penetrating beams, this time in the form of an MRI, then a meet up with the doctor again to follow up and probably some inserts will be shaped for my foot to help correct how my foot lands while running.   Sadly, I won’t be running for at least this next month… I will be able to swim, bike, or use the elliptical machine to get my exercise, which was my chief concern.  I’ve also been told that aiming for a half marathon in September is not a safe goal for me right now, so I have to shift my focus to the Eugene marathon in a year… more time to train, I guess. And that way the bone in my foot doesn’t snap in half.

So that’s the skinny.