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Everyday is a winding road

My Thursday:

So… I finally talked myself into it, I got my big butt up at 5:15 in the morning and got dressed for a run. I tied my house key onto my drawstring of my shorts, and I was all set to take off for about 30 minutes. As I opened the door and headed out, i saw this gray thing dart towards me from across the street. I realized it was the puppy from across the street. Apparently, he had slipped under the new fence that they had just put in yesterday afternoon… I guess it wasn’t low enough… or high enough, if the dog has a seven-foot vertical leap. The puppy, Jax, was crying and whimpering when he got to me. I picked him up and he was shaking pretty good, so I think he slipped out early in the morning… to confirm this, there were a plethora of muddy puppy prints on their front door.

Being the knight in shining Adidas shorts, that I am, I take him over in my arms and knock on their door for 15 minutes. nothing. Head back to the house, wake up Jess… tell her that Jax is here and now that Moose has seen him, they’re both itching to have an early morning doggie rave. She keeps them busy while I do a reverse phone number look up… no phone number. I do 411, no phone number. I do the CG police… yeah, no phone number. I head back over to their place, Jax once again in my arms–I bang as hard as I can, wondering how these people can sleep through this. Well, apparently, they weren’t because they were supposedly at work. The guy works at the mill and his wife’s working place has yet to be determined. Luckily, our next door neighbor comes out for her early morning smoke… she says that she’ll hang on to him until one of owners comes home, which is usually 9 o’clock.

I usually come home for lunch around 11; so on this day, minutes after I’ve been home there is a knock at the door. It’s our neighbor from next door with, yep, Jax in tow. She says that it’s strange that the owners haven’t come home yet and she asked if we could take the dog back because she needs to run some errands. Jess and I reluctantly agreed to take him back.

What we found out is that Jax is, indeed, a pitbull… seeing as anytime Moose came close to him when he had one of Moose’s toys, he’d let out a frightening growl and bark. It also doesn’t help that Moose thinks that it is his duty to constantly straddle and walk on top of Jax, no matter where he goes. From this we decided that this pup was cage-bound–our second mistake. This dog has the screech unlike any other… it is a horrific screech that reaches beyond the human ear, physically disrupting neurons and knocking brain waves off-kilter.

Later in the day, this is where he remains, pent up and vocal as before. It’s kind of amazing what terrors lurk in cute little puppy packaging. Any coarse word I’ve said about our dog, I have taken back… we have a dream compared to this gray and white demon. I was praying that the owners would come home quick, and if it’s not quick enough, they need to come over with hat-in-hand and ready to clean up some puppy messes.

While talking to the secretary from the high school, who lives three houses down, I found out that her husband worked at the mill with the guy from across the street. Through a series of phone calls and a couple more hours, the guy showed up before any serious damage could be done to the carpet or Jessica’s eardrums.